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Hello world, I’m a very verbose person, typically my ‘short stories’ end up around about 50 odd pages :) So read, rate, love, hate, prequel, sequel my stories. Advice is welcome!


  1. The Vixen (Mature)

  2. Beauty

    She was quite a beautiful creature in life. Now, in death, lying cold and still on my tiled floor, she still retained the beauty that her fragile face had held only hours before. Her skin shone gently, glowing. In the darkness, her glazed eyes reflecte...

  3. Better nothing then pain (challenge entry)

    Your sad smile planted a raging fear deep into my fragile heart. I knew what came now; the fatal blow. You looked to the ground. At those final moments, you couldn’t even hold my gaze. You mumbled the heartbreaking words and brushed your hand aga...

  4. Better nothing then pain

    Your sad smile planted a raging fear deep into my fragile heart. I knew what came now; the fatal blow. You looked to the ground. At those final moments, you couldn’t even hold my gaze. You mumbled the heartbreaking words and brushed your hand aga...

  5. Fallen Daisies (5)

    Warm, salty droplets trickled down her pale cheeks and fell into the ground. She ran her fingers over the bumpy scabs on her legs, and, with a force she was unaccustomed to, ripped them open. Her blood mingled with her tears on the muddy ground as she ...

  6. Fallen Daisies (4)

    As she turned into their street, the wheels of the car skidded on the slippery road and the car went hurtling into one of the apartment blocks, passenger side first. Alice tried to regain control, but there was nothing she could do. In the split second...

  7. Fallen Daisies (3)

    He was gone because of her, no matter what people told her. ‘It’s not your fault, to road was icy, there was nothing you could do, you’re lucky to have survived!’ Alice still felt responsible for Ben’s death. She would rather have died with h...

  8. Fallen Daisies (2)

    There were still patches where they had been pushed to the ground by animals that used them as resting places. The peaceful atmosphere strongly contrasted the memories it brought. He was perfect. Maybe not to everyone, but for Alice, he was her soul ma...

  9. Fallen Daisies (1)

    “Oops!” Alice mumbled as she tripped over a tree root. She could see the meadow off in the distance; hear the bees buzzing and the little brook bubbling. In the dark forest, shafts of light peeked like little children through the thick canopy. Stro...

  10. The Hiding pt.9

    It was the voice of the short postman that had delivered the first two packages. He peered at the quivering, lumpy package lying on the doorstep of 42 Spiker Street. He waited with a tranquil complexion until the package finally stopped squirming. He h...

  11. The Hiding pt.8

    When she regained consciousness, she found herself enclosed in a very tight space, the air almost non-existent. She tried to open her eyes, but her lids seemed glued shut. Her finger twitched and a massive, crippling wave of pain overwhelmed her. She n...

  12. The Hiding pt.7

    Walking down the hall, an uneasy feeling began creep up on her like poison ivy, pushing the breath out of her lungs. She began to feel weak and stopped at the end of her hall, where it opened up into her lounge. With shaking hands, she pulled on the st...

  13. The Hiding pt.6

    Unsteadily, she got out of her chair and stumbled towards her door. She stood for a few seconds with her hand on the doorknob, swaying. Finally, with a flick of her wrist, she twisted the doorknob and pulled the door. She couldn’t believe her eyes. A...

  14. The Hiding pt.5

    Abruptly, all the colours stopped. Everything went black. Slowly, the darkness before her eyes began to brighten, shade by shade, turning from pitch black to grey, until it was so painfully white that Mary’s eyes burned. She tried to close them but s...

  15. The Hiding pt.4

    . What happened next was completely unexpected; nothing. She had thought that touching the sculpture would bring some sort of apocalypse or death sentence. Instead, the world remained unchanging, the small event gone unnoticed. With utmost caution, she...

  16. The Hiding pt.3

    When the contents of the box came into view, a few things ran through Mary’s mind. The first was recognition and realisation, followed by surprise, and finally fear. Inside the box lay her missing ornament – a small ceramic cat painted emerald gree...

  17. The Hiding pt.2

    The man nodded and said “Good mornin’ ma’am”, then proceeded to take off with too much vigour for a postman. She turned around and walked back inside. She stopped in the hall and looked at herself in the wall mirror. She couldn’t fight the fe...

  18. The Hiding pt.1

    As she sat reading silently in her lounge room by the warm fire, she heard the shrill, piercing whistle of the door bell. She rose out of her Victorian armchair and turned towards the door. She moved swiftly and serenely through the corridors of her ne...

  19. Smiles

    Dear J, You make me smile :) When the sun shines we’ll shine together xoxo

  20. The Hypocrite (Mature)

  21. Love letter (Mature)

  22. What will you think now?

    Dear Josh, I’m so sorry for all the ‘torture’ I put you through. You are a constant reminder that I am unworthy of love or appreciation. I was ten Josh, ten! You were my first love. Even now, I see you once a year at most and I still ...

  23. Light Blue Jeans (Part 7)

    Scrawled on the note in Josh’s nearly-illegible handwriting were the words: Don’t forget, I’ll always be there to catch you when you fall Abi’s heart skipped a beat and her skin tingled. She picked up the flower and examined it. It was an iris,...

  24. Light Blue Jeans (Part 6)

    She turned her key in the lock and walked inside, closing the door behind her. She ran up to her room in a daze, until she saw a list of chores, left by her mother, lying on the dresser. 1. Get the mail 2. Empty and refill the dishwasher 3. Collect all...

  25. Light Blue Jeans (Part 5)

    On her doorstep – the famous cliché moment – he leant forward. As their lips brushed lightly Abi’s skin burned and her head whirled. She felt the world spin around and the ground come rushing up towards her face. “Whoa there!” He grabbed me ...

  26. Light Blue Jeans (Part 4)

    “Um…yeah, I guess,” he shrugged. She tried to hide her euphoria at his statement. He squeezed her hand, not fooled by her guise. He finally looked up, meeting her eyes as she stared out at the setting sun. “They’re splitting up, my parents.

  27. Light Blue Jeans (Part 3)

    “I couldn’t help it. I mean it would have been weird if I had been nice to you, you would have gotten ideas. Oh and Jono would never have forgiven me.” He hiccupped. “Why? What do you mean?” Abi was surprised. “You don’t know? Jono is lik...

  28. Light Blue Jeans (Part 2)

    One grey afternoon she was walking through the park, her favourite thinking place, when she saw Josh sitting alone on a bench. His eyes were red and inflamed – he had been crying. Abi walked over and sat next to him. She expected him to get up an...

  29. Light Blue Jeans (Part 1)

    Josh was perfect. Well, not according to ‘popular’ media, but Abigail sure thought so. He had dark hair that nearly reached his narrow shoulders, a slender but muscular frame and eyes the colour of the ocean on a warm, calm summer’s day. ...

  30. Horizon (Mature)

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