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tiphanie is a girl. when she’s not ruining things, she paints and draws and writes all over everything, including but not limited to bedroom walls, desks, books, newspapers, the internet, and your face.

Lastly, she thinks talking in third person is absolutely hilarious.


  1. letters

    One day, she just stopped waiting. The letters went and went, always they were there when the tide was going out but never when it was coming in, and she sat on a wooden chair at the kitchen table and drew shapes in the coffee she had spilled that morn...

  2. I Must Be Dreaming

    She dreamt of him often. They were dreams that made her believe she was awake, dreams that skewed her perceptions of reality. She knew in her head that he didn’t exist – but the dreams told her otherwise. Pretty soon, the constant confusion...

  3. Matches

    She sat on the edge of their bed, watching him sleep. The only time he was peaceful. At the beginning of their marriage, things had gone as planned: they went to work, came home to fix dinner together and trade chore duties. He was a god to her, perfec...

  4. Lightless

    The electricity had been out for several months now; only a rare, startled flickering would sometimes awaken a random light bulb. For the most part, the dark of night was as it had been before technology saved civilization from its fear of the unknown....

  5. 1

    Her hope was to one day open her own shop, filled with the pale golden glory of the morning sunshine. She drew up architectural plans on her legal pad, scratching out lines that turned into doors and windows. Lots of windows. Two years later, her flowe...

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