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  1. § luna plena

    Focus on the bright glow of the moon; against the black flatness of night the light of your starry lies dim to pinpricks in comparison. To your eye at least.

  2. § self delusion is not an optical illusion

    A faint outline. A tense swell beneath the smooth fall of fabric. Under that carelessly pressed blouse I saw I saw I saw what I saw, what can only be, must be, A knife handle? You saw a smile I tell myself. You saw a smile, A smile, A smile. I concent...

  3. § if it ain't broke don't fix it

    a three-legged table with a fancy cloth tossed over shyly hiding the blemish; artfully placed lightings and beautiful table settings draw attention away from its woeful lack of legs. from the right angle, at t=0, all looks fine; but the moment t>0, ...

  4. § fallow ground

    The tree of lies you grew, just got taller and taller, till its shadow towered so high over us till we could no longer not know. It was a rather impressive tree really, lots of big shady leaves blocking out the light. It was so impressive we couldnR...

  5. § a parade of blue animals

    I cracked open my notes recently, Vectors III & IV, I think, and found this scrap of doodles, drawn when bored, and most likely high, delirious on the lack of sleep (probably just me). Good times, light and silly. It’s silly really, that I wa...

  6. § raise my glass (in apology)

    Like hell I would know that about you. But to hazard a guess, I’d say the blood of babes and the tears of enemies. That isn’t very fair of me, is it? (someone told me it wasn’t)

  7. § turn passcode off

    Pandora was told not to open the box, Bluebeard’s wife was told not to open the locked door. You were never told, but should have known, not to open that phone. But it was too easy wasn’t it? (just like how it’s almost too easy now to...

  8. § why is a raven like a writing desk?

    This is the last photo I have from when we were still (I daren’t say it) - You and me, cosy in the frame, the lights dim and picture blurry like a memory. Eyes not on the camera but intent on the game, our cards held close, careful not to be scre...

  9. § le point zero

    This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. This article does not reflect the thoughts or opinions of either my friends, or my dog. Don’t quote me on that. Don’t quote me on anything. R...

  10. the earth is round

    in the beginning there was god. now this god with a small ‘g’, he liked circles. (there are three circles in ‘god’.) (god + a circle is ‘good’.) (circles are good) (god is good) so in the beginning there was god and ...

  11. what if

    Once, there was a boy in a tower who fell for the moon. He loved it as little boys were wont to, obsessively. While his father studied the birds’ flight, he traced the night for her entrance, lanky arms stretched through bars to cup her wispy ima...

  12. they say

    “A picture paints a thousand words” but nobody ever writes a thousand words on that wee bit of paper that hangs next to every portrait. (Ehe, touché!)

  13. sorry to say your essay sucks

    So young so idealistic, most of all too simplistic. Read only a paragraph but it made me tick. Despairing, I tried to help, but all I did was slash red comments on badly writ words. Too brash? I hope not, I just want her to make a splash. Thusly, I hel...

  14. C18H13ClFN3 is the drug of choice

    I. Some facts and then other events that never occurred: I met some knights the other night. Amour polished to a sheen, their brains, not so much. They were going to save me, damsel in absolutely no distress, from the beast. Well, since they insisted. ...

  15. golden voice (Mature)

  16. shake me up

    Someone do earthquake poems with me because I feel like I’m slowly withering away drying up, my fountain of youth, creativity, tapped up and empty. I don’t feel anything anymore though these nerveless fingers jab away at the keys, trying to...

  17. prized koi (Mature)

  18. Age 30

    To actually live to 30, you develop a certain sense for when the air raids will hit. There’s a more or less standard sequence of events leading up to the Big Bang (it isn’t an exact science): first, a sickening high whine builds up; second,...

  19. people

    Some I have not loved and so lost Others I loved and hence lost Several I love and lost anyway; To those I love and have yet to lose – stay.

  20. fraidy cat

    a conversation (monologue) with two who’ve been there, done that: papa says study hard then next time be lawyer, earn big money mama says don’t anyhow think you’re in love, also boys are liars accompanied with hard stares and very ser...

  21. dial 6 for two masochists

    six for the devil, for the years I’ve known you, fiery brimstone and eternal damnation hurt doled out in (not quite) equal measure oh sweetheart, don’t pretend, you love that it hurts and it hurts that you love we’re damned fools, and...

  22. birthday candles

    the 11:11 of every year 1 chance to make a wish just 1; make it count - close your eyes visualize it in big block letters let your breath kiss the candles out.



  24. Fe2O3

    It was grotesque. It was beautiful. Even from this high up, the twisted mess is awfully beguiling. Dimming the flame, she brings the balloon closer. At the proper descent height, she steps off, adjusting her goggles to shield her eyes from the balloon ...

  25. take up your arms, ii

    IV. so we failed, that’s alright, we’ll cobble together a new plan; this is plan b: when the clock strikes two in the dead of the night we’ll set off in glow-in-the-dark hot air balloons, raze the sky in neon shades of blinding yellow...

  26. take up your arms, i

    I. this road we take leads straight to war we’re heading to war we’re heading to war II. hear the clink clank sizzle and the frantic taptaptap; the slick swish of sword pulling out of scabbard, the soundlessness of data whizzing through spa...

  27. dear familiar stranger

    I first saw you in the sky The clouds painting your face The sun lighting you aglow The birds were flying your name for the whole world to hear, I was the only one who listened. Your name was the same peculiarly beguiling sound sweet, lovely, and it th...

  28. take up your arms: abridged, X

    I. hear the clink clank sizzle and the frantic taptaptap; the smith shop works overtime (we’re always caught off guard, un prepared, we’ll be prepared this time, we’re prepared for this) II. count off, a one two three a one two three ...


  30. aachoo

    Excuse you young lady, my name’s not some awkward sneeze. It’s short for pyrrhic victory, vic-tor-y, as in I win you lose, except it’s not really a victory. (life’s a battle and more often than not we lose more than we win)

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