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Please ignore any and all tales from over a year ago, they’re not very good, irreparable even, and I’d really like to put them behind me.


  1. Date - WIP

    One step Two A thir- “Shit”, the so far quite alkward dancer says to his crouched date “No no, it’s really okay, you’re still learning”, she replies, rubbing her continually crushed foot “These heels were proba...

  2. Nightmares

    “He’s having another fit- Betty, I need you to come over here and hold him down while I refill the IV. Yeah, just like that. Now, calm down hon, but this is gonna take a sec” “Alright, that should keep him down for a bi- umm, alright. N...

  3. The Rec-Center

    Covered in a fine layer of dust, a vaguely humanoid shaped automaton stands, bolted to the floor of one of the many rooms inside the local Rec-Center. Sensing noises from within the facility, the robot’s optic sensors open with a small click, it ...

  4. A Day in the Life of the Pyro; part 2

    … So, later that day, we’re all settin’ up and shit, you know, just chillin, protecting our point , when this Spy fool comes creepin up, pretending to be Demo, like, you just know how those Blues Spies are. So I see him, and I look ov...

  5. A Day in the Life of the Pyro; part 1

    June 17, 2009 Dear Journal, I, like, woke up from my blackout last night on the couch at Scout’s place. Man, that dude can be really fucking annoying, but he does throw one kickass party. Looking around, I started remembering some of the shit fro...

  6. Bonus Level

    As a man walked down one of the many halls of his Alma Mater, the world seemed to have gone silent, if only for a moment. All that could be heard were the sirens emanating from afar, and the muffled sounds of the class, enclosed within the small room. ...

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