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  1. I can never rest

    My name is Issac, and I can never rest. I died last Sunday. It was a peaceful death, with my relatives all around me. I knew I would die. I always know. But it was a shame really. I enjoyed that family, that planet. But I am the herald of the apocalyps...

  2. Skirting Copyrights

    I don’t understand exactly where they came from. I don’t think anyone does. They came from a place called Brown Plateau. They were closely followed by a man that flys through universes with a brown porta-potty. But I think me and the mages ...

  3. Epilouge, perhaps a hint of more

    It has been sixty years since that faithful day And as you well know, Pat and I have been through a lot But after each mission, For the New U.N. I come back here and pray To my father’s head which I froze later that same faithful day I hope I w...

  4. Mission Log Day 2 cont.

    Its eyes bulge out Its fur ripples And plates stick out of its once smooth back It glares up at me with its steel eyes and I can hear the artificial quality Of its meows as they get Louder Ever LOuder as I crumple to the ground I wake to the sounds of...

  5. Mission Log Day 2

    The sentry awakes me with a chirp Its dying message to the world Before it recharges, to scout again I wake up and, after a processed meal Go out into the darkness It is then that I hear The ever-smallest noise A meow Instantly I am on my guard Bogey...

  6. Mission Log Day 1

    I have breached E7’s seal, and what is it that I see But a disembodied head staring up at me I realized with a disgusting lurch It was my father head I trudged on in disgrace At my mission failed so soon I cannot return in such dishonor With a m...

  7. Don't leave, my son

    Don’t leave my son, for I have cause to fear For since your father left, I have shed many a tear And I don’t want to lose you too

  8. I'll save my father

    I’ll save my father, as it has been many a year Since I sat alone in a crib and thought of E7 in fear I have a Shocker in my eyesocket and a Bang-Stick in my hand With a compu on my wrist I shall soon find my father With my Gee Pee Esss tracking...

  9. Where's Papa

    Papa is long gone Don’t ask about him He went down to E7, and was never heard from again

  10. E7

    It is always dark in E7 And it is always cold And there is bogeys everywhere There’s vamps and zoms and weres abound So don’t ever go down into E7, it’s unsafe down there

  11. I

    (first published on The Badgerwiki) I walk. I talk. I laugh. I stop. I gape. I scream.

  12. Day by Day

    Why am I here? I’m not one of them. They taunt me. Oh, how they taunt me. But deep down, they know. They know who I really am. And that’s why they hate me. They all hate me. Even you hate me. You might not notice just yet. It creeps up on you slowl...

  13. Explanation

    Why am I here? Why are you here? I want to go back home? Well, don’t we all, you say, so nonchalantly But you just don’t understand I’m a long way from home I explain But you don’t know how far You Don’t Get It I farther away than you are I

  14. Waiting

    It is always hardest After you submit something for review When you have to wait and wait to see what they think of you

  15. The island of disgruntled ficleteers

    As they ran aground, Captain Jason shouted orders. “ALRO, get the others evacuated! Elsha, help G2 with the piano!” ALRO looked up, a worried expression on his face. “But why…” “There’s attorneys after us!̶...


    As the hard drives were thrown over the edge, a face flickered to life on the main monitor. The face. Of the Canceler. Captain Jason ran up to it, screaming “What do you want, Canceler???!!” The Canceler cackeled. “I want your ship! A...

  17. Ficly Poem (A true story)

    Today As I was nuking a burrito in the microwave I decided To check my email As it loaded my mail I saw the words pop on my screen “Ficly is live!” It proclamed So here I sit Burrito demolished Writing my very first Ficly Poem!