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  1. [ gone ]

    [ removed ] abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

  2. A Most Horrible Adventure! by Footigan R. Foote (Mature)

  3. taken away

    this was taken away like some other things. this was taken away like some other things.

  4. Vigil

    My eyes feel dry. When they’re closed, they feel warm and wet. Every so often, I’m having to sit up straight or flinch a couple dozen times, or maybe stand up and walk around a little. We’re offering fake smiles to each other, everyon...

  5. Cut-Up Method number two: a shed

    Out way in the middle of the void, 36 miles deep in vast country, our shed stands. Debris and chipped, rotting wooden planks floating, hovering, lowering, sometimes clattering to the ground. Inside is peaceful. Hell, inside, it’s a royal palace. ...

  6. Cut-Up-Method number one: a ruined party.

    The room’s dead silent except for the TV noise, low, coming from the hall. Everyone’s standing around the dirty black-oil blanket draped over the broken coffee table, splinters everywhere, but nobody’s saying anything. It’s ten ...

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