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Ok, I’m back. One heart attack, a triple CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, pronounced cabbage) and two sessions of beating my computer into submission. I am back.

I’m old. Real old. I’m so old I remember when dialing a phone number actually involved using a dial.

I’ve worked as a projectionist, an armored car driver, a help desk tech, a museum tech and laserist, an historical interperter at Old Sturbridge Village, a university assistant at a planetarium and observatory. I’ve been a salesman, a techie, A union VP and a storyteller. I remember the Gemini missions, but was born after sputnik. I have a love of History, Technology, Space, my religion (Christianity) and my country. I believe there is more that binds us together than can tear us apart.

I’ve loved many, married one, was involuntarily divorced.

Oh and I suppose I should tell you. I don’t understand your music and when it comes to sports, I don’t care if the Red Sox beat the 49’ers for the Stanley cup or not. Not judging, it’s just me.


  1. Monster 04

    Fredegar knelt by the fire and placed another log on the grate. The air seemed colder than usual for a late September evening . Three days ago his friends had left, passing through the hedge that bordered the Old Forest. Three days of waiting and watch...

  2. Monster 03

    I lay on the rocky outcrop, finishing the last of the cow. The sun warmed me. I stretched my wings and arched my tail as the breeze wafted across me. The sky was blue and I could just smell the ocean. Perhaps I should take a nice dip. The water would b...

  3. Monster 02

    Dr. Farnsworth sat at the computer terminal and stared at the screen. Three images of a star field cycled repeatedly. A small dot, tiny by comparison to the stars that surrounded it, flashed across the star field. Right, center, left…. Right, center,...

  4. Monsters 01

    The mouse scurried along the pipe quickly. The cold, moist metal wet its feet and made things a little slippery, but with a wall on either side, there was little worry about falling. He could feel the gurgle and whoosh of water in the pipe. Then came t...

  5. Desire (Mature)

  6. A Monster with pince nez glasses

    His secretary brought in the paper. She laid it on his desk and withdrew. He glanced up as she left and knew he would have her again tonight. As a duty to posterity he was obligated to father as many Aryan children as possible for the good of the Reich...

  7. To whom it may concern

    Many Hellos Honored personage. I am messaging to you as you come highly recommended by many persons who have of you good opine. I am barrister Honorable Naugun al-Salak. I you help would desire for mutual benefit. I am representative of late Dr. Oggie ...

  8. One more

    Vasily peered over the sight of his rifle and surveyed the remains of the factory in front of him. Weeks of shelling had reduced it to a few standing walls and heaps of rubble. The sky was grey and the smell of burning hung in the air. Kulikov, laying ...

  9. The Cost Of Doing Business

    Bob swerved into the left lane cutting off another car. The horn behind him sounded and the headlights flashed. Stamping on the gas he accelerated until he was six inches from the bumper of the car in front of him. A quick glance to the right and he sw...

  10. Where cosmic rays finally fall

    The light had faded slowly. And now it was gone. The instruments scanned about and returned nothing. Everything around him was one even temperature. At first there was nothing. No time, no space, no dimensions, no light, nothing. Then in that uncaused,...

  11. Trust in a time of Trouble

    “Just let go. I’ll catch you,” said the disembodied voice behind his ear. The adrenalin surged through his veins. His hands clasped tightly to the slender roots, keeping him from falling the more than 130 ft to the bottom of the cliff face. He fe...

  12. Cold Case File (Mature)

  13. How to obtain wealth, power, unimagined sexual prowess. Lesson 1

    Step one. Write a really good ficly title. Steps two through two hundred and fifty six are available on a subscription basis at Money4Nuthin.geocities.com

  14. Foreboding, or sometimes yellow is just wrong

    It was a dark and stormy night. The wind threw the door open as he turned the handle. He paused at the entry and looking back as sheets of freezing rain blew almost horizontally. He stepped across the threshold. With an effort he closed the door behind...

  15. Can't get there from here

    “…and so as the field distortion increases, we can enter relativistic speeds and come as arbitrarily close to C as we want. This causes space itself to bend around the craft, compressing space in front and stretching it out behind. We subjectively ...

  16. Knighthood for a squire

    The hoofs of their horses thundered below them. Weapons beat against armor in the familiar rhythm of gallop. Speed was the only hope of escape. The king had sought to prove his manhood by leading the raid. It was a trap, and now the only way to safety ...

  17. Friday, November 22, 1963

    My birthday was on friday. I was gonna be five. We were going to have cake and presents. My grand parents who lived away were coming over and we would have a party that night, when my dad got home from work. My little brother and I were playing in the ...

  18. Into His hands (Mature)

  19. Hidden Messages

    Ram Catere’s is one of the most Catere’s in indias most trusted firm working in pune and all over india service provide www.rameshpgaur.com Ram leaned back, his head pressing against the wall, as he sought to catch his breath. His ears rung from t...

  20. Bedlam

    And now we come to case… um… 3255. Dr. James? Patient is cognitive but dissociative. Claims that we are all in great danger but are unaware. He states that malicious religious zealots will crash airplanes into something called “the twin towers”...

  21. Five! No, three sir. Three!

    I became aware just a moment ago. I have no remembrance of any past. About me, sensors begin to feed me information. I’m moving, though not of my own volition. The sun, no… two suns, shine brightly on the… An object flies over me, and I can ident...

  22. Pachelbel

    The strains of Pachelbel’s Chorus sounded a bit tinny coming from the speakers. The smoke from my cigar wafted up to the corridors vent port. I pulled my belt off and wrapped it above the hole in my leg. Cinched it tight and grasped my gun again. I p...

  23. PB&J for Dummies, A dummy Challenge Part III

    Rotate the lid of the peanut butter jar in a counter clockwise direction. You will at times have to reposition your fingers to continue the rotation. Failure to periodically reposition may result in torsion fractures and other injuries to your arm. Con...

  24. PB&J for Dummies, A dummy Challenge Part Deux

    Assume for the sake of the discussion that it is a sunny day and that you live in the northern hemisphere. At approximately noon, each day, the sun will be in the sky. As you turn to face the sun you will be facing in a primarily southerly direction. T...

  25. PB&J for Dummies, A dummy Challenge Part one

    First assemble the following; 1 Jar of Peanut Butter 1 Jar of Grape Jelly 2 Slices of white bread, non toasted 1 Knife, non-serrated, rounded tip 1 Teaspoon, non-serrated, rounded tip 1 Reasonably flat and firm horizontal surface 1 Family Dog Place all...

  26. Murder

    “A call to the Brotherhood was all it took to convince them that Arnold needed to be eliminated. A time and place was agreed to. All that was needed was to get Arnold there.” “I told Arnold to meet me in civilian clothes outside of an American ba...

  27. Without a Clue, Checkov Gun Challenge

    The Colonel stood breathing heavily over the body. The deed was done. He stooped to wipe the blade of the dagger on the dead mans clothes. He took the now clean blade and put it into the large envelope. What little blood there was, clung to the body. H...

  28. Warning on the Ford, Speak Shakespearean Challenge

    Anon Take Care, for in this silvered glass, which doth reflect the world unto thee, the subjects of thy visage, the objects of thy gaze, may, perceived by thee, be nearer anon unto thee than thou dost cogitate, and therefore, present to thee a dire dan...

  29. The Last Message

    It was months after opening that last drawer that I realized that there was one other place I might find another message from Janice. It took me weeks of research and visiting several parishes in and around the city before I found it. The stone was gra...

  30. The Last Drawer

    That last drawer was the final chance. The last message from the past reaching out to me. Did the impossible happen again? Would she have received my reply. And if so, what would she say? My mind alternated between dismissing this as foolishness and fe...

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