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  1. Bittersweet

    So she’s mad. Well of course she’s mad. He broke up with her for.. for me! I’m her best friend! Obviously this can’t be good. I don’t know what to do. He is so cute but I know if I go out with him I will be hurting my frie...

  2. The Bully

    Rob picked Carl up by his underpants, about 3.674525480942578 feet in the air. The kid was scared faceless. Rob spanked him on his center left buttcheek and before long Carl began to speak. “Okay, okay I know who killed your dad and flushed him d...

  3. The Problem

    As disgusting and unattractive as he was, Kara, and many others, all knew that Pig-Pen is the best person to talk to when there is a problem. It’s not worth the trip unless there is am emergency. In Kara’s case, there definitely was. Kara ...

  4. Judgement Day

    WARNING: JUDGEMENT DAY IS NEAR!!!! Everyone, get ready to be judged. The end is near. The date? Experts predict anywhere between July 13th, 2014 and August 4th, 2014. Others say December 21st, 2012 (The Winter Solstice). I am not sure about you, but I ...


    Teacher: what is the square root of 49? Jimmy: Is it 7? Teacher: Yes, Jimmy, you are right. The correct answer is 7. Jimmy: See? I told you. You simply can not stump the old Jimbo! Teacher: Oh yeah? What is 89 × 23? Jimmy: ……. Teacher...

  6. Dreary

    Okay so that is the reason? Wow, wow, okay! What am I talking about? I walked on a thin string, fell off, and snapped my ankles. It hurt. I look at the bright side at least I did not crack my skull open. I can’t walk but I can still think. Wait c...

  7. Final Thoughts (Mature)

  8. School (Mature)

  9. The Creatures (Mature)

  10. Confusion

    Am I still alive or is this the after life? And if so am I in heaven or the underworld? Many questions passed through the girl’s mind quickly as she opened her eyes. “UH-HUH-UH” She coughed loud and harshly as dust stained the inside ...

  11. What Really Happened

    Dean kicked the girl in the stomach. “Swallow the damn pills!” He screamed as he shoved sleeping pills down her throat. “Why did my wife leave me, Jessica?” Jessica began to cough as she choked on the sleeping pills. “I know Jessica, you thin...

  12. Alcohol Poisoning

    The man got alcohol poisoning. He drove to the liquor store to get more alcohol but on the way there he was so drunk that he drove into Compton. He did not want liquor any more. what he wanted now was to find a hospital to cure his alcohol poisoning. F...

  13. ooo

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