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  1. Mambu Dogface in a Banana Patch -or- Its simple.

    “Why is the sea cow such a simple creature then?” Shot back Joel, “What purpose does it serve?? I mean honestly..” Steve had to think long and hard on that one. he did have a point, it was a simple creature. “Have you ever...

  2. The Last Stand

    “Get up you fool! Get up or you’ll die!” Zane yelled, i could barely hear him. I smell blood and what i think was burnt flesh, where was my combat helmet? And then i remember the shell, and the flash of light…. Where are my men!? My vision clea...

  3. Day 8, The end.

    He places his palm over the trigger, muffling the click of the safety. For four days he’s been tracking this man, and he wasn’t about to give himself away. No, this man would pay, and dearly. He crawls forward, silently across the field, in...

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