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A no-name, aspiring author who can’t stop writing. Looking ahead, he strives for perfection. Shackled by various forms of entertainment, he dreams of success. Most stories here are an invitation to YOU, to join me in creating new stories, new worlds, and a different tomorrow.


  1. Distant Screams

    “That’s my inheritance?” Erin asked, wrinkling her nose. “It is, it is—and a fine one too.” Uncle Jeb said, overturning the filthy burlap sack that had been stained with huge dark blotches. Tools spilled out, clatter...

  2. A Seed of Truth

    “Who are you?” I whispered. Mary placed a cold palm against my cheek. “I’m whoever you need me to be. Whoever you see, that is who you need most.” Memories of Mary surfaced, swimming up through the intervening years. I tri...

  3. The Face of Hunger

    Kiriko’s stomach growled.Lighting another cigarette, she took a drag and hoped the nicotine would stave off hunger for a little while longer. Rain pelted the over hang. She shivered. Across the street Ari, squatter and more peasant-like, stood on...

  4. Burial at Sea

    Once the water spraying out of the shower head began to steam, Jeff pushed his underwear down and kicked them off before stepping into the tub. Scalding water pricked at the skin of his back like flaming needles and he flinched forward, away from the p...

  5. Sluggish

    The girl took a step back from me, a hand creeping to her mouth. “Umm, is that normal?” she asked, nodding toward the blood streaks running down the spears of grass. Normal? I tried to connect anything to that word but nothing came to mind....

  6. Made in America

    Donnie thumbed a crease out of his otherwise perfect white cuff. His hands didn’t look any different today. He knew that blood didn’t really stain skin but he felt like there should be some evidence that marked him. Not that his hands had d...

  7. Out of the Rain

    Stephen crouched on the edge of a toilet seat, gingerly picking twigs out his hair and dropping them into the water below him. Once he had picked his hair clean, he checked his bruised skin for blood. Probing a purplish bruise that ran along his wrist ...

  8. Nightmare Clowns: No Escape

    Anne was standing on her apartment porch when I pulled up, clenching and unclenching her fists in short staccato bursts. At the sound of my car door closing, she blanched and jerked her head in my direction. I knew she had been on edge ever since her h...

  9. The Agony of Awakening

    Light. It was too hot. Uncomfortable. If I could just worm my way deeper into unconsciousness I wouldn’t have to face . . . anything. Something nuzzled against the top of my head. My skin crawled. Not daring to open an eye too wide lest I see too cle...

  10. Trial By Fire

    Belle gazed into the fire, focusing on the ring that lay within its burning embrace. This close the heat was overpowering which made concentrating difficult but then again that was the point. “The fire is an illusion. There is no fire. There is n...

  11. Counting

    “Eleven thousand five hundred ninety-one. Eleven thousand five hundred ninety-two.” Salva sweated. Her ragged blouse molded itself to her chest but she ignored it. She had a job to do, an important job, perhaps the most important job in the...

  12. Cracks in the Storm

    Repeated motion, drew Keri’s attention. As she closed the distance, the orange ball became one of Scotty’s gloves waving frantically from the base of a rock. Keri bent next to him, putting her ear next to his mouth. “We’ll never...

  13. One Plodding Step at a Time

    Mom, I want you to know that I appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made for me over the years. I can only hope that I’ll be worth it.

  14. Who Comes? (Day 118)

    Inside the frost covered walls of the cabin, three of us huddled together in the frigid air, trying to share what little body warmth we could spare. The awkward perpetual group hug didn’t work very well but it was better than freezing alone. It g...

  15. Free from Pain (Day 117)

    Mario felt the rising tide, the overwhelming weight of numbness, blanketing him from the inside. It’s curling grayness was a fog that drowned heart, mind, and soul together at once. He felt a small flare of fear but already the alien force was dr...

  16. Of Dough and Dreams

    “Hello, friend.” I didn’t raise my head to acknowledge the voice. There wasn’t any way that someone could be there. Therefore this had to be a dream or hallucination. A doughy hand landed on my arm, moist and warm. “Don...

  17. Buoyed By Hate (Day 116) (Mature)

  18. Hope in a State of Disrepair (Day 115)

    The rotor spun lazily around in a circle, sputtering every third rotation. Tom knew it was every third rotation because he had nothing to do except sit and watch the helicopter waste gas. The noise and the heat reminded him of the times when he used to...

  19. It Changes You (Day 114)

    Paul staggered to a stop as he felt a squirming inside his belly. Was it a kick? The thing growing inside him moved again causing him to break wind loudly. He had felt pretty terrible lately- sweaty, bloated, constantly starving or nauseated, but more ...

  20. A Marked Man

    “What is the second rule of the guild?” Maul could hear his voice from five years ago, eagerly chanting the required words. These words would change his life. By the skin on my back, I will not betray any of our brothers of my own free will...

  21. Sometimes, Two is a Crowd (Day 113) (Mature)

  22. Haunted (Day 112)

    Dim light from over the bar gave some definition to the darkness. Eddie raised his hand. It was still balled up into a tight fist. The nightmare was over. Or was it? He waited as he so often did lately, trapped in his bed, listening intently. Tonight w...

  23. A Break in the Monotony (Day 111)

    Leonard floated along, as the train took him from station to station the way it always did. He had ridden the route so many times that he didn’t pay attention. He was secure in his destination- a tiny old-fashioned apartment set snugly between tw...

  24. A Pain Remembered is a Pain Renewed

    Sandra stood at the doorway to their bedroom, constantly looking back over her shoulder, at the sleeping form of Sarah. Her daughter! Each time, she expected to see the same flat blankets that had lain empty for thirteen years and each time her heart s...

  25. Before I was Ready (Day 110)

    Bearing the Light was harder than it looked. All anyone could see was a glowing nimbus of pale light, one that grew brighter as its surroundings became darker. No one could ever know how unbelievably heavy it was until they held it in their hands thems...

  26. Upon the Backs of the Downtrodden (Day 109)

    “You three will be my hand maidens the bearers of my message to the world.” Wiley C. kept his voice low and intense. In its vibrato it alternated between growling and purring, filling the small dark room with his essence. Three women in whi...

  27. Fear Feeds Into Fear (Day 108)

    I am here as a Probe. It’s an unfortunate title given your race’s curious fascination with rear penetration, but back home it is an honorable title. I assure you that I have never, ever— errr—probed one of your species without c...

  28. A Shell of a Reunion (Day 107)

    Lena looked at her sister sadly. Laura blinked slowly, rendered non-functional by the drugs in her system. The knees, elbows and forearms of her clothes were streaked with dirt. “You’ve seen that we are taking good care of her, yes? Has you...

  29. A Roar of Defiance (Day 106)

    Sin sat like a man, her hands cuffed together. Black and red hair obscured half of her face, patterned in swimming diamonds, and so only half of her face smiled. On the visible side, an inked snake unhinged its jaw, as if to swallow her left eye, while...

  30. Fascination With the Abominable (Day 105) (Mature)

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