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A no-name, aspiring author who can’t stop writing. Looking ahead, he strives for perfection. Shackled by various forms of entertainment, he dreams of success. Most stories here are an invitation to YOU, to join me in creating new stories, new worlds, and a different tomorrow.


  1. On the Rocks to Straight Up (Day 82)

    Leaning against the railing with arms crossed, Bert surveyed his cargo and allowed himself a small smile. For the first time in months, his hold was full again. Thin metal crates, each stamped with a wide iridescent bar code, were piled in blocky pyram...

  2. If You're Living, You're Winning

    Gambrol burst through the pine needle arch. From one step to the next, he was in full flight, running hard, and then it was like wading through chest high invisible mud. Something held him back, resisting his forward motion. Frantic to escape the night...

  3. They're Inside (Day 80)

    Buzzing flies coated the green and brown sludge causing the whole mass to roil and writhe as if it were a single massive entity. There must have been thousands of them living, breeding and dying out there. Watching them made my skin crawl. I could imag...

  4. The Iron Anchor of Insecurities (Day 79)

    Dr. Chavez sauntered over to the cliff’s edge. It was the last place anyone had seen Greenwood. Mario said that he must be dead, but Dr. Chavez wanted to be thorough. Squatting down, he peered over the edge. Ten feet below, Greenwood dangled in m...

  5. Catch and Release (Day 78)

    Mattheson rubbed the lump of scar tissue where his left nipple used to be. It was hard not to whimper. The pain was old but the memory was fresh- a trio of professionals standing over him with their saws and their clamps, each taking a turn at maiming ...

  6. Unpleasant Surprises (Day 77)

    Gingerly touching the side of my head with my fingers, I scraped away gravel that stuck to my skin and hair. There was a little blood but nothing seemed to be currently bleeding. I righted my bicycle where it had tossed me off like a prize winning bron...

  7. The Mystic (Day 76)

    The mystic was wrapped deep inside layers of cloaks, scarves and hoods. He regarded me with silent question and I avoided the faceless darkness by examining his clothes. Some were patterned in winding wires or curling vines dotted with flowers. Some we...

  8. Discoveries (Day 75)

    Bran ran his fingers along the exposed pipes of the sewer. They came away with grime that was slimy and gritty. Bran grimaced and wiped them on the edge of his coat. The orange-ish streaks seemed to glow in the dimness. That was odd. He didn’t re...

  9. Necessary Assertions (Day 74)

    Orchestral music began to play, heralding the arrival of greatness—a new world’s dawn. While others had created some kinds of artificial intelligence, they had created one that could access the accumulated digital knowledge of the human rac...

  10. Like a Volcano (Day 73)

    Pushing through the crowd, I could feel a pool of anger sitting just under my right shoulder blade. It pulsed like a heart beat, begging me to tap into it, to release it. Ignoring that pull was difficult. Fear kept it in check mostly. Last time I had u...

  11. The Edge of Discomfort (Day 72)

    Jocelyn swept the black curtain to one side, revealing a plain wooden box sitting atop a squat round table. In the middle of the box’s face, a perfectly round hole had been cut out. None of the wan light from the candles about the room penetrated...

  12. About Ten Pounds (Day 71)

    Bradley trailed two fingertips down his lesion covered arm. Dead skin flaked away at his touch causing blood to well up. Gradually it filled the cracked white channels and streamed toward the ground in rivulets like bloody tears. He let them splash aga...

  13. Time Out While We Work This Out (Day 70) (Mature)

  14. I'm Digging a Grave (Poetry)

    I’m digging a grave For a coffin that holds A burned and broken thing Who greived for itself Trapped inside perceptions People could never question I unlesashed a monster With honest desires Never seeing its own repugnant form ’til it chanc...

  15. Succumbing to the Tide (day 69)

    I had the beach to myself and was grateful that the sand still retained pleasing warmth leftover from the heat of the day. Aside from the roar of the waves, there was little sound. No cars, no planes, not even the raucous call of a seagull, just the so...

  16. Dissonance (Day 68)

    Rain poured nonstop from the sky. It wasn’t a hard, heavy rain nor was it a light, soft rain. Rather the quality that described it best was persistent. Ceaseless, it beat against everything slowly eroding sound, soil and sanity. Neither wind nor ...

  17. Making Connections (Day 67)

    Yesterdays failures were for yesterday. Today would be different. This was the thirty-ninth morning in a row that I woke with those words on my lips, as if I’d been chanting them in my sleep. My heart was heavy. I could almost feel it pinning me ...

  18. Dignity in the Face of Misery

    Mary pressed the back of her hand to her son’s forehead. Even before she made contact, she could feel the heat of the fever that still wracked Lester’s tiny frame. Tousling his hair, she begged God that she be able to keep this one. Lester&...

  19. A Ship and Her Man (Day 66)

    “Van, reinstall my language chip!” “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Marcie. I took it out because you wouldn’t stop singing the filthiest limericks.” “How would like your water vacuum-cooled the next ti...

  20. Fleshly Pleasures (Day 65) (Mature)

  21. Simple Solutions (Day 64)

    The summer night was thick and stuffy. Clouds that would have been charcoal in the daylight hours covered the horizon like a thick blanket, trapping in the humid heat. On the porch of a house on the outskirts of town, an old hound dog by the name of Bo...

  22. A Blue Balloon (Day 63)

    I found a chair in the corner. Placing my bag near the sliding glass door that led to the backyard, I eased myself into the recliner and tried to not look guilty or out of place. I hadn’t been to any social events for weeks but I couldn’t l...

  23. Violence Becomes Normal (Day 62) (Mature)

  24. Meet, Greet, GTFO (Day 61)

    “Next!” Boomed the man at the front of the line. With his white uniform, beardless face, and soft hands he seemed more administrator than soldier. Bryan shuffled forward as best he could with shackles around his legs. Barely glancing up fro...

  25. The Price of Living (Day 60) (Mature)

  26. Irresponsible Behaviors (Day 59)

    “You think you’re any different than us? What, watching from behind glass is somehow better?” “It’s safer.” I replied defensively. I wasn’t going to change anybody’s mind but I tried a different tactic. &...

  27. The First View of Stage II (Day 58)

    Ben kept a lookout from the tree house using a pair of binoculars he’d dug out of the garage. Below him, Jaime darted from tree to car, keeping his head down. In the middle of the street stood a patchwork pillar of flesh. Another one, thicker and...

  28. Random Elements (Day 57)

    Charles’ hand landed on Ian’s shoulder and Ian pulled away reflexively, stepping out of reach. "Don’t touch me, Charles! The side of Charles’ face quirked to one side in confusion. “Charles? You don’t call me &#...

  29. Ashes (Day 56)

    Gerome stared at the monster he’d created, entranced by the dancing colors. Voracious and bottomless, the bonfire would continue to exist as long as he fed it. Reaching down, he picked up a book without looking at it and chucked it into the heart...

  30. Running Out of Options (Day 55)

    Shrieking howls and curses filled the air behind me. I quickened my pace, not daring to look back. I knew I’d see my footprints trailing after me, marking where I’d been, and making it impossible to hide. I was so tired of running. The pebb...

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