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A no-name, aspiring author who can’t stop writing. Looking ahead, he strives for perfection. Shackled by various forms of entertainment, he dreams of success. Most stories here are an invitation to YOU, to join me in creating new stories, new worlds, and a different tomorrow.


  1. The Stone Forest (Day 28)

    Jihn looked up at the pillars of pockmarked stone that towered over him and gulped. Legend said that this was once a great house of some sort and that the winds of time had filed away roof and walls. He didn’t think so. The pillars were clumped too c...

  2. The Skins We Wear (Day 27) (Mature)

  3. Trust. Whose. Heart.

    My soul’s amphitheater is empty Swaying from side to side gently I prepared to take my last step Looking for any solace I could get Was this my final mark on the world Another faceless teenage dead girl To be added to the growing list Of those t...

  4. Broken (Day 26)

    Rayne rubbed her shoulder patch with one hand before settling back into the ‘at ease’ stance. The tri-colored lightning bolt was her call sign. Well it used to be her call sign. She shifted back and forth from one booted foot to the other u...

  5. The Armada (Day 25)

    Countless ships blinked into existence, filling the infinite blackness with oblong gray shapes. My targeting computer went wild trying to count them, eventually stopping at a thousand. I gulped. My stomach tried to abandon me. There couldn’t be t...

  6. By the Light of the Distant Sun (Day 24)

    I twisted my heel pushing hard pushing against the sand. Swinging my other leg around slowly, I brought it straight up over my head. My muscles screamed in agony but I had to continue. The dance must continue. Faster now, I pivoted swinging my hips rou...

  7. Skit: The World's Worst DJ (Day 23) (Mature)

  8. Sarah's Special Friend (Day 22)

    Sarah’s small hand gripped mine, leading me onward through the forest. In green patches, moss climbed trees whose thick branches melded to make an almost uniform canopy. The sunlight that made it through appeared wan and tired. “How far are...

  9. Gray Medicine (Day 21)

    Dr. Farmgood was a fat, barrel of a man. He entered the exam room red faced and panting. His coat stank of stale cigarettes. Lifting the clipboard to his face, he glanced over it and then looked at the patient. Todd, who was six, was screaming hoarsely...

  10. A Growing Storm (Day 20)

    ASTORMISCOMINGASTORMISCOMINGASTORMISCOMING. O rocked back and forth, keeping her eyes on the charcoal markings scrawled around her room. Words repeated themselves, written as a child would, covering one entire wall and extending beyond in tendrils comp...

  11. It All Adds Up to Trouble (Day 19)

    “Stop pretending you’re asleep.” Agnes’ voice penetrated the thick comforter I had pulled over my head easier than any knife. I didn’t move. If I could just get back to sleep, she would go away. Even a witch wouldn’t...

  12. A Taste of Garlic (Day 18)

    Angeline couldn’t help herself. She was nervous and there was so much food in front of her. She grabbed a warm roll and took a big bite to calm her nerves. It was dryer than it looked and she washed it down with another mouthful of the sweet wine...

  13. The Best Part of Me (Day 17)

    Apartment-sized chunks of rocks broke from the main continent above us with a groan. I tensed, not there was anything I could really do if they fell on top of us, but exhaled in relief anyway when they fell past us to the earth far below. “Nothin...

  14. Sorrowful Burdens (Day 16)

    Grace ran her fingers along the smooth white porcelain of the walls. They were different than she expected- no sign of ash, not one smudge of soot. The only sign was a faint scent of smoke underlying the heady smell of pine. Why wasn’t there any ...

  15. Misery for Three (Day 15) (Mature)

  16. The Tenth Sack (Day 14)

    The van door slid open. Layed out across the ribbed floor were nine barley sacks, zip tied shut. Some squirmed around, others whimpered. Two men in brown jumpsuits appeared on either side of the door and looked around nervously before stepping down to ...

  17. The Cat Remains (Day 13)

    Morning light crept toward the house in tiny degrees, first illuminating the bright green moss that grew in the cracks between the patio stones. It climbed higher, scaling the blue paint of the cottage. Filtering in through the window, it splashed alon...

  18. Outstanding in His Field

    “Not so fast, Strawman.” Crowbait stiffened, a hand sliding toward the revolver that hung low off his hip. “Nuh-uh. You keep your hands off that steel, or I’ll cut you down where you stand. I never cared much for shooting anybod...

  19. Mastery in All Things (Day 11)

    Morju whistled sharply, holding his left arm aloft with refined arrogance. A dark shape plummeted from the sky and with a great beating of wings came to rest on the offered perch. The Sygallia was a hunter, but she only hunted at Morju’s command....

  20. Information is the Key to Any Lock (Day 10)

    Lysette fingered the fringe of her shawl. She didn’t know if she was reminding the woman arrayed around her where her allegiance lay, or herself. Her heart thudded in her chest but she had to keep her face straight, now more than ever. Ahliya fro...

  21. Operating on Hard Lessons (Day 9)

    Nina hid in the back seat of the car, mindful of the dust that stuck to her clothes. The white powder would make her stand out if anyone still had a flash light but it was necessary evil. Careful footsteps grew closer to the car. Nina thumbed the catch...

  22. One Last Meeting (Day 8)

    The days were beginning to blend together. Every morning the alarm went off giving Martin exactly nineteen minutes to shower, shove a stale pop tart in his mouth and hustle to work. Even after his second cup of coffee, the thick fuzzy feeling, as if hi...

  23. Lola (CDE) (Day 7)

    Lola skipped down the sidewalk, her sparkly shoes making it look like she was wearing stars on her feet. Her plaid jumper was rumpled and the white shirt underneath it stained by grass and grape jelly. One thick brown hand carried a crumpled white enve...

  24. Crystal (CDE)

    Crystal crossed her arms in front of the mirror frustrated with what she saw. Beanpole tall with a long, narrow face—she looked like a damned shovel. Irritated, she pushed a thick wad of black hair out of her face and held it back with two finger...

  25. Peter (CDE)

    “It’s a free service I offer to pretty girls.” Peter said. Inwardly he winced, careful not to let any of the embarrassment he felt show on his face. ’Don’t be a creeper’ was his mantra and he was painfully aware each...

  26. Splinters (Day 6)

    I stood alone in the darkened forest. Shimmering fog seemed to capture strands of moonlight, spinning it around me like a gossamer spider’s web. I was certain that this place was perfect- it was a place where stories could meet and grow. Yet no o...

  27. Who is My Neighbor? (Day 5) (Mature)

  28. The Best to Teach the Best

    With a gesture from the Minister, the bloodied teenager sullenly stepped forward. Next to the thick blockiness of the Minister, the boy looked like an abused mutt- unclean, a little too lean, and constantly on the verge of snarling. As the boy took a s...

  29. Class Interrupted

    A single rap on the door caused everyone’s head to swivel toward it. No one had ever knocked on it before. Either one had the authority to just enter or you stood outside the door until it opened. The silver knob turned slowly until it gave a fin...

  30. A New Frontier (Day 4)

    The Minister walked to the front of the class, the squeaks emitted by his shiny black shoes were the only sounds in the room. Coming to rest under the banners that read in bold lettering LOVE THE MOTHERLAND and CHERISH THE HONOR OF THE GROUP, he stoppe...

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