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  1. The City by the Lake

    He doesn’t belong here. No one takes much notice of his solitary figure, but as he walks the lakefront, he feels as if every eye in the city is upon him. The smell of the lake is fresh and welcome as the breeze that accompanies every wave. The rh...

  2. Milwaukee

    I made a choice, and at the time, it was the right choice. I had felt trapped. Constricted. Tied down. I needed to move. To breath. We were different. I wanted nothing more than an open road and someone to share it with. You had wanted the normal thing...

  3. Center of the Universe

    My hair, ruffled by the wind. My feet, dangling over the roof. I can see the highway from here, and all the cars moving endlessly towards unknown destinations. Cell towers blink in concert in the distance, their red lights creating a calming pattern. I...

  4. The Presentation 2

    The speaker continues although the attendees are obviously distressed. The projector changes constantly, bombarding them with gruesome images. “This alien species is also capable of a limited amount of healing properties, and can repair damage qu...

  5. The Presentation

    The projector whirrs as it warms up. Papers shuffle as the attendants find their seats. The speaker clears his throat. “Gentlemen, thank you all for coming. In year 2872, approximately 13 months ago, a research vessel made contact with an unknown...

  6. Boxin (Mature)

  7. Ghost

    Every time she comes around, I can’t help but look. No matter what she is wearing, always captivating. Always inviting. Eyes like a car crash, I instinctively refuse to look away. A walk that begs to be accompanied, like an unfinished piece of mu...

  8. The End Game

    First it was a scientist with a thick Germanic accent tittering about impact forces. Next it was various world leaders proclaiming the need for unprecedented cooperation. And finally it was the preachers extolling repentance. All over the world, people...

  9. Irony (Mature)

  10. Calling

    His earbuds pulse softly with music that only he can hear. His motorcycle purrs unabated down the freeway at speeds that would terrify most drivers. He flies past a cop car, and smiles when the officer doesn’t even bother to flash his lights. The...

  11. Awkward Dining

    The barkeep makes a valiant attempt to ignore the newcomer, but it is no use. Setting his dirty glass back on the bar, he waddles over to where the stranger is eating. “So…uh…what brings you to Justice friend?” the barkeep begin...

  12. The Flip of a Switch

    Steven frowned and stepped backwards. He swore he had turned off this part of the facility. He slid his card through the reader and pushed the heavy doors apart. Inside the lab, the rows of computers sat silently while static flickered across their scr...

  13. Chances

    “Dispatch, this is Kilo Station, how copy?” I wait a few moments but all I get in response is static. I try a few more times, but all I manage to raise is more static. Not good. Not all that uncommon during a blizzard, but not good all the ...

  14. In Search of Music

    I shuffle along the sidewalk like an ant, following an invisible path for reasons I can’t discern anymore. I clutch my 4$ coffee defensively in one hand and scratch the stubble around my chin with the other. I haven’t shaved in days. As I p...

  15. Not the Answer He Was Looking For

    For once, I don’t know how to respond. Instead of answering the stranger, I back away slowly while still pointing my rifle in his direction. I glance around quickly to double check that we’re alone. The stranger jumps towards me. My attenti...

  16. Questions

    " Let me see your hands, nice and easy now guy." I growl from behind my ski goggles. The man starts violently and whips around with his hands in the air. I can see blood all down the front of his department store monkey suit, and one of his f...

  17. The Mountain Man

    My feet crunch through new snowfall, the powder muffling all other sounds. Most people find that eerie. I think it’s peacful. A crow yells at me from a nearby evergreen and I pause and look up. I pull a small morsel out of pocket and offer it up....

  18. Sunlight Over the Water

    I continue up the hill, and a stunning view of the forest lies before me but I don’t stop. I continue down the other side of the hill and the trail forks. I choose the less beaten path. I like running trails that most other people avoid, theyR...

  19. The Muse

    She floats in through a window it seems, taking a seat next to me as naturally as sunlight in a forest. I look over, not all that surprised to see her, and we begin to talk as she sets her worn travelling bag down beside our table. A flowery tattoo pee...

  20. Paper

    We stand outside in the pouring rain, I can feel the frigid water pouring down my shaved head and I have to supress the urge to shiver. I watch the floating sentries out of the corner of my eye, their floating, vaguely birdlike shapes give me the creep...

  21. Cultural Phenomenon

    " Humans, the council has decided your fate." The deep voice boomed, sound waves echoing throughout the city. People stopped what they were doing immediatley and craned their necks upward towards the gigantic screen in the sky. Voorg’s ...

  22. A Session With Dr. Clark

    “Alright Alice, be a good girl and calm down now. Everything will be splendid, it just takes time.” Dr. Clark’s steady voice reaches Alice’s ears and she gives a sigh of resignation. The doctor’s face says they have done t...

  23. It Never Ends

    Kilrain brushes crumbs away from his chin and sets his monstrous corned beef sandwhich back on his plate. The probie stands awkwardly in the aisle across from him and looks expectantly on. Kilrain wipes his mouth with his napkin and motions for him to ...

  24. Action Movie Cliches

    A suitibly contradictory bar sits in the dusty street of what could be any developing nation. This one is named Tiny’s, because the owner is quite large. It was a joke but has long lost any comedic value. A man in a dusty explorer’s outfit ...

  25. Pain

    The recipe is simple. A sour friendship, a torn heart. Heavy bleeding. The only way to staunch the flow is to compress the heart. The heart solidifies, now a metallic shell that fills with bile and heartache. The heavy weight settles in your chest, dra...

  26. Dawn

    I insert my earbuds and sit down to watch. Legs dangling over the rooftop, Nuvole Bianche whispering through my earbuds, and a beautiful sunrise approaching the horizon in front of me. Birds are singing, people are just starting to wake up, and soft br...

  27. Colors

    The saloon was deserted; the bartender dozing in the heat. The doors swung shut on sand filled hinges, startling the bartender from his reverie. As the stranger takes a seat at the corner of the bar, the bartender coughs and waddles over to where the s...

  28. Airports

    I like airports. Theres a sense of movement, of potential and exotic travel that is intoxicating. Everyone has their own destination and this adds to the mystery of airports. Nobody knows where anyone else is going, and when people can fill in the blan...

  29. Dancing in the Rain

    Steven pulls his collar higher around his neck and tries to hide his smile sheepishly. A couple of men huddle underneath a nearby awning, passing a cigarette around. As Steven passes, oblivious in the pouring rain, one of them swings his head toward St...

  30. Rain and Fire

    The flames jump, iridescent forms leaping from their metal prison. They burn bright greens and blues, consuming the paint inside of the dumpster. Bits of ash and burning paper float hauntingly through the air; a strange contrast to the writhing flames ...

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