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I believe that you should have no fear when it comes to writing. Just do it!!!


  1. Finally, a piece of evidence.

    It had been months, detectives in every precinct aching at the chance to solve what seemed to be the biggest murder case in World history. For months no evidence, no witnesses, not even the slightest clue as to who could be responsible. Until today Nov...

  2. La Coterie De Ficly

    As I walked through the double doors of the Marriot Hotel Convention Center I could hear the chatter of Ficly writers sharing their latest literary glories. Hanging above the stage in bold red letters the sign read, "Welcome Ficly Members! " ...

  3. Seeking Profound Sequences

    Seeking profound sequences with out repetition, impossible they say. One word, not two, try it I dare you. This could be very fun, or extremely frustrating. For solo terms are hard to find, keeping singularity in mind. Imagine using morphemes, oh my. G...

  4. The Quest of a Gypsy

    To most I was just a weathered old gypsy woman, but as I gazed into the mirror, the two beady black eyes peering back had the highest approbation. I had been traveling the gravel roads for twelve years and never a moment of compunction. My favorite dec...

  5. No evidence, no witnesses.

    It was only the third crime scene of the day and the similarities were ghastly. The detectives were perplexed as to what could have caused this repugnant scene. The bodies were so badly mutilated and decomposed that identifying them would prove challen...

  6. Senior Trip

    Rummaging through a box of old pictures, Cassie turns to her Mother and says, “Who is this guy with you, it isn’t Dad?” “Oh Cassie, that was so long ago, give me the picture. Oh my, that was Roger Darcy my high school sweetheart...

  7. Temporary Opulence

    The roar of the small engine plane is all you could hear as I looked down onto a miniature version of a small town Texas landscape. I then leaped with faith and plummeted towards the earth with style. I was doing somersaults through the air with a natu...

  8. A Sinister Smile

    It had been one week since his last kill; his hunger was growing stronger. The anxiety he felt from laying dormant and not allowing his inner cannibalistic cravings to take over was painful. He couldn’t wait much longer. He looked down at his wat...

  9. The missing apparatus.

    Back at Gore, the humming of machinery hard at work wasn’t the only thing to be heard. There was a loud announcement coming over the main system’s speakers, “All robots please report to home base, secure positions, speed up attack simulat...

  10. The gold four leaf clover.

    I don’t know if you believe in destiny or some call it fate, but that is exactly what I believe united Veronica and I. It wasn’t like that in the beginning, in fact, my best friend introduced us. I was totally in love with my best friend an...

  11. Acceptance

    This door, this field was another dimension. The smell of ozone was so overpowering. Timothy’s nostrils were on fire. She squinted as the field of energy was sucking her in. It felt like electric magnetic particles eating away at her flesh. She t...

  12. Try and stop me!

    “Susan dear, this is the fourteenth school you have gone to this year, please try and like the students. There is nothing to fear, no one really wants to hurt you. If you get upset, just get up and leave, please don’t give them the stare.&#...

  13. Stop following me!

    You disgust me, yet I want to love you. I see your pain, and yet I know you are the cause of it all. Please don’t give me that look. Just stop! Why? Why do you do this to me? Just when I think it is OK, I see your face. You stare at me like I did...

  14. this one was done right (Mature)

  15. The Number 13

    I was greeted by Loretta. She immediately gave me the tour and specific instructions on sanitation. It is of utmost importance that the laboratory stays as clean as possible, keeping it free from foreign microbes, antibodies, germs, anything that could...

  16. Into the darkness

    She walked into the dark unknown. She knew nothing of her surroundings; staring blindly into the deep dark. She reached with her hands only to feel nothing. Desperately trying to see and feel, and nothing was there. She kept walking; all the while trem...

  17. No Ordinary Homicide (Mature)

  18. The girl with purple hair. (Mature)

  19. Wind in the Attic.

    Drops of rain could be heard falling just outside the window. She could see the flicker of the candle reflected in the dimly lit glass pane, it danced every so slightly. As she lay on her bed with one arm dangling off the edge, she swept her middle fin...

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