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  1. Been a while

    It itches. That’s the best I can describe it. I haven’t cut it in YEARS. But today…it’s almost as if it WANTS me to cut. What the fuck?! It’s like I MISS IT!???? But, I’m so far beyond that. but the itch that fuckin...

  2. It's Complicated

    Where’s a cliff when you need one??? Although I’d settle for a Norm in a pinch, as he was always good for a beer and and and ear, but Cliff was always full of such pertinent wisdom. Woody was always good for a moronic quip here and there&#...

  3. Necessary

    The yellow lights flash without a sound above us, the sirens having long since been silenced. The hallways are empty, save for the growing sense of panic among us. The place had an odd, church-like quality to it, in that, it was meant to be inhabited b...

  4. Juxtaposition/2 (Mature)

  5. Object/The Fall (Mature)

  6. Juxtaposition

    The evening air was chill and damp as it danced on my skin. We strolled, with a gait that belied no purpose, through the streets. Twisting our way through the city, turning my senses deliciously inside out so I had absolutely no sense of direction. No ...

  7. Homicide Housekeepers

    You never really get used to it you know. The mess. Even under the best of circumstances, death is messy. Life…life is messier, though. Death is just an instant. A singular moment at which one thing slips away and another slips in. A sublime tran...

  8. Object (Mature)

  9. Legal Crack (Mature)

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