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  5. The Plea (Mature)

  6. Stay or leave?

    I didn’t move. In each our own way, we could destroy each other, me by telling anybody who might believe me what I now knew about her, and her by swallowing me. I thought of my choices. Running for it and abandoning her? She was right, I did love...

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  17. Explaination=Unbelievable

    I managed to twist my head up, and saw lights. They illuminated the back of her throat, her tongue, and the backs of her teeth. Then, she opened her mouth, again incredibly and impossibly wide, and slowly, with the pressure I was feeling from below, ex...

  18. Re-emergence

    “Cindy? OK, you devoured me, but I’m afraid you’re going to digest me”, I called out. She laughed heartily, which shook me up inside of her. I was also a bit dizzy, as I was probably in an upside down position. “Well, let ...

  19. Bigmouth

    She opened her mouth impossibly wide, and put her lips to my forehead. Incredibly, they slipped over my head, and she continued to push me gently in. She leaned forward, and so did I, as she quickly, over a minute’s time, continued to swallow me....