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  1. The Bender's Key

    He was going to be beheaded. He was sure of it. He ran through the courtyard to the red double doors, the blood-like paint beckoning him like the call of the executioner. “I have news for Her Majesty. Let me pass.” He stared down the door attendant...

  2. Dreaming Altruism

    Her breathing was ragged as she leaped over another fallen log, her counterpart mirroring her movements. They raced through the forest, willing themselves to outrun their pursuers. “We’re not going to make it!” Her friend wheezed as t...

  3. The Poniard Trial: Just Doesn't Know It Yet

    He raised an eyebrow, “I beg your pardon?” “Did you not hear me? No.” Came the voice again, the pitch a little angrier. “Sir, are you aware you’re under obligation?” There was a harsh bark of laughter, the door...

  4. Madame And Her Plants

    Lvit took a deep breath before entering the cavernous office. “Madame.” The woman he addressed was whispering something to her plants. By the smirk on her face, he could tell it wasn’t anything that would encourage her carnivorous pla...

  5. Let Me Go

    “Do you really expect me to believe you?” “I’ve never lied-” “How stupid do you think I am?” “I don’t think you’re stupid. I’ve never told you a lie.” “You just did. You thin...

  6. Champagne, Clay, & Candlelight

    The striped candle on the far side of the room was making her feel woozy with its champagne gasses wafting into her nose. At least she hoped it was just that. Her pale arms, covered in black clay hung limp at her sides as she stared at her sculpture. H...

  7. The Poniard Trial: Messengers

    The red-clad men quietly walked through the government-owned forest. They had one hour to make their delivery and leave the forest before the guardian creatures were let loose again. Finally approaching a trodden path, one man turned to the other, R...

  8. Airships: Interruptions

    A slow smile melted over her lips, as she looked at him. She realized she didn’t really care what he had done. She had her fair heap of baggage too. She didn’t want a perfectly blameless man. She wanted one that would understand. He was the...

  9. Let Me Open My Eyes Again

    ’I’m gonna die.’ It was almost humorous as I thought it. All the times I had wondered how I was going to die, what I would say, who I would call, who I would love, who I would hate, what I would be like. Because, after all, your last ...

  10. A Poniard Contender

    “Is this something you are prepared to accept, Mr. and Mrs. Gverrero?” The man’s black robe swished slightly as the woman next to him took his hand. “Yes we are prepared.” The couple stood tall as they listened to the shad...

  11. Rookie Detective Callaghan

    She stared out the foggy window into the barren street, her bright jade eyes making large sweeps of the area. She hugged her knees tighter under her over-sized T-shirt in a futile attempt to warm herself up. She didn’t dare move from her vantage ...

  12. Airships: A Heart's Paradox

    Elletra couldn’t breathe. She stared at his desperate eyes, her tongue seeming to forget how to speak. Her thoughts were on a speeding train just about to derail. The one man that she had found again. The one that she actually wanted. And he had ...

  13. Maybe I'm Actually A Flower

    Flowers are interesting. They’re so delicate and yet strong. They thrive in rain or heat or sun or wind. But one thing they can’t really seem to withstand is us brutish humans. The flower may have thorns and it may grow in the middle of a l...

  14. Impossible Humans

    Of course, that wasn’t true. She would stay on that ship with him even if they ended up floating around space for the rest of their lives. There was nowhere else to go, no else that would even look at her twice let alone help her. That’s ho...

  15. Airships: The Walls Hiding Our Souls

    Hawkeye could feel her searching gaze piercing into his skin. His mind was bracing up every emotional wall he had been conditioned to put up. His feet automatically walked to the only place where he could think clearly. She silently followed and he kne...

  16. I'm Back and I'm....

    Absolutely, positively FUMING MAD!! And I can’t stand feeling like this. And I want my old self back. I want the innocence. And I crave the days when life was so simple. And I didn’t have to worry about your half-lies and crude jokes. When ...

  17. Design-A-Baby (June 5)

    “Design-A-Baby is the biggest thing to hit the world since Bill Gates IV’s invention of Underwater iCities!” The screen above the store’s door boomed out, into the giant hallway of the Mega-Mall. “Come on, Blaid! It’...

  18. The Infamous Clean Too (June 4)

    “Vanessa Blackrayne!” Vanessa quickly jerked awake, almost hitting her head on the hot lamp above her. “Coming, Mrs. Warthton!” She quickly turned off the lamp and grabbed the fabric she had been repairing, putting it in a drawe...

  19. Larry Likes Puzzles (June 3)

    Behind her, the noise escalated, as she could hear the mixing bowl go on high speed. She could hear Larry mumbling to himself excitedly. She rolled her eyes, and waited for whatever he was concocting for her. She would ask what he was doing but the tap...

  20. Project Peregrínus Praesent (June 2)

    “Is this the only choice we have? Is this what we have been reduced to?” The President mumbled. “Sir, we are talking about the salvation of our species. Of course this is the only choice we have.” One of the scientists by his si...

  21. Sandra, Bob, and the Melons (June 1)

    The two were just about done harvesting the striped rocks when they heard a terrifying screeching noise. Sandra looked up to see three melon-looking things racing towards them on sets of slithering tendrils. They were easily twice the size of the two a...

  22. We've Been Robbed!

    “We need to take a team to Lorlake!” The Princess burst into the dining room, her hands covered in what seemed to be dust. The ones crowded around the moon-rock table looked at her with confused gazes. “Why? We’re getting ready ...

  23. Condemned Encyclopedia

    She fingered the spines of the ancient books, walking through the deathly silent aisles with extreme caution. If you made a noise, you died. That was the first rule of the Librari. She finally spied the book she was looking for. It was large, thick and...

  24. Guard of the Dusk

    It was dusk. The perfect time for anything to happen. The world was settling down, the guards were gradually getting sleepy from dinner. But she wouldn’t be fooled. She would not let her guard down. The rolling hills, that were still glinting wit...

  25. Why The Roses Are Red

    The garden was full of roses. She couldn’t help but enjoy the intoxicating smells that they were oozing out into the air. As she wondered between the hedges and mazes of flowers in the moonlight she wondered if there was any way she could find an...

  26. Airships: How This Is Gonna Go Down

    “So, we blow up the Earl before he blows up the world.” Elletra said, venom almost visibly dripping from her voice. “If it were only it was that easy.” Hawkeye muttered, his mind already reeling with the plethora of ways they co...

  27. Prized Collection

    He stepped back from installing the newest containment units which he had ordered from Russia. His hands covered in oil and grease, he couldn’t help but tingle with anticipation as to how he was going to fill the new containment units. He loved t...

  28. Precocious Cook and His Audience

    “And so you see,” The teen aged boy said as he stirred the pot of caramelized onions, carrots, beans, potatoes, beef, and vegetable stock, “That is why parallel worlds are not only possible but actually exist. It’s the only thin...

  29. Investigations: The Game Begins

    “Sir. Mr. Hastings has been detained by the police.” “I know, James, thank you.” He waved off the butler from his observatory. As the door closed, a thunder clap shook the glass-domed room, and Minusc smiled slightly. He always ...

  30. Truth Behind Closed Doors

    “Oh come now, Maisy! You are being utterly ridiculous.” Her cousin scoffed with a quick roll of her bright blue eyes. “I am being ridiculous!? You are the one who was galavanting around London, like some silly school girl. Really, Zah...

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