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  1. The improvers/Nick 5

    I shouldn’t be here. It runs through my mind over and over again. Like a difficult math equation, I know it, it has to be really simple and I’m just overthinking it. But sadly unlike equations, reality usually doesn’t have an answer. I didn’t d...

  2. The improvers/Cassia 4

    My mom left the house two hours ago. She always brings her phone with her. Curious, I get up and walk into the kitchen ending up just staring at the still ringing phone. Should I answer it? Thankfully I don’t have to answer that. The phone stops ring...

  3. The improvers/Cassia 3

    I’m probably going insane at this very moment so I’ll start with the facts: I am 16. My name is Cassia Anderson. Ever since I can remember people have told me that I was special. Not the super smart or incredible at everything I do kind of special....

  4. The improvers/Andrew 2

    I hate it, the staring. I guess I should be used to it by now; after all, it’s been seventeen years. But I’m not. Honestly, I don’t think I ever will. On special occasions in my life I forget my situation. But of course kids never gave me a brea...

  5. The Improvers/Andrew 1

    They’re yelling again. Our so called ‘family vacation’ is already over. Wasn’t much of one to begin with, just a cheap hotel in Miami as far as I could tell. I can still hear them as I go down the stairs. Step by step, I am counting as I go...

  6. Paranoia

    Im wishing I could just put my hands over my ears and run, as I cross the street with about a couple dozen other people. I just hate it. The horns of cars that randomly appear in front of you, the yelling, the slamming of car doors, people pushing and ...

  7. Caution

    Caution. Look twice at everything, but only glances, don’t stare. Just walk forward not causing any attention to yourself. I don’t need to see what’s on the right side of me to find out what is going on, the sounds of little kids, I’d say ...

  8. Chasing the end- part one

    I feel an idiotic grin on my face as I run. The Patrol must have gone back to receive their cars instead of chasing me on foot. Their footsteps and heavy breathing are retreating. A good and bad idea; they never would of caught me anyway. I was born ...

  9. Never war

    Never Never Never Wispered across the land Fingers and nails gritted with sand Bloodlust cries screamed against darkness For this was the time of the Never war As reality broke, fantasy was there to mend it Fantasy, reality, right, wrong, imagination, ...

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