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I have seemed to have lost my cares to give. Have you seen them?
I’m just a beginner when it comes to writing and i’m really enjoying this site. if you actually bothered to read this… Thank you.


  1. Mothers Love

    The mother stood silently for a few minutes before bursting into uncontrollable laughter. “You think this will bother me? The brat was only pulling me down! If you truly want her that badly then by all means please keep her!” She exclaimed ...

  2. The Lullaby

    A mother walks past her sleeping infants room when she hears a strange tune and a young girls voice. The voice was singing calmly and quietly. “Hush little baby don’t you cry. Im gonna sing you a lullaby. Hush little baby don’t you weep. That...

  3. The three children

    Long brown hair and big brown eyes. This little girl has met her demise. Dark brown hair and blood red eyes. This little girl will be your demise. Then theres me. Plain as can be. Can’t you see? I’m just me. I’m just me.

  4. Snow days

    I sit and stare out the window. The snows falling so thickly that I can hardly make out the outline of my beloved little brother shoveling the drive way. ‘Maybe I could make him that hot chocolate that he loves so much…. The poor boy. I won...

  5. Past mistakes

    I sit in my room days after my last encounter with him. Its hard to believe that at the beginning of this school year he was my best friend, Shadow. Thats what he called himself. Just as I refer to myself as Twix. We were very close friends, he was lik...

  6. ENTER THE... UM

    “hello Twix” A gravely voice says. My heart speeds to a mile a minute but I try not to let it show. The thing that was once my best friend stands before me or at least his body does. He changed so much in the three years I have known him. I...

  7. Semi Normal

    I sat at my desk reading a book. My life was still semi normal then. I was your average fifth grader. I had a few friends, decent grades, and did what I was told. It was the last day of school and naturally, I was reading. That was the norm for me. Eat...

  8. What would you do? [1]

    What would you do if I told you. One night you are laying in bed when you hear a childs voice singing “Staar lite! Staaar brite! First star I see tonight! I wish I may. I wish I might. Have the wish i wish tonight!” Now what would you...

  9. Insanity

    I have live all my life on the brink of insanity. Sometimes finding my self in a room for no reason. I have also been told sometimes I sit staring blankly or in fear at absolutely nothing at all. Why am i like this? why do i switch back and forth so mu...

  10. Dont look

    Watching. Waiting. Staring. And im still unseen. Screaming. Crying. Pounding. And im still unheard. I’m bumped jostled and stepped on. But no one can tell… I’m there though… maybe im right. Behind. You.

  11. What is death??

    What is death? is there an afterlife? is what we call life just a dream we are waiting to wake up from? does it hurt to die? is it colorful? or is it just black… like a dreamless sleep… does anyone know? alright fine just one more question ...

  12. Running

    My feet pound against the sidewalk. My hearts beating fast. someones coming, closer by the second. Escape is hopeless i`ll never get away……… Not from him………..

  13. The Knife

    The nightmare started again. Its been coming nightly lately. I was strapped to a table in a dark other wise empty room. A man enters I cant see his face… He takes out a knife… THE knife the one the killed my father. He gets closer and I ca...

  14. School not cool

    First day of school but only for me….. I walk in my homeroom everyone stares the teacher makes me talk about myself “My name is Lucy” that’s all i say 1st period i notice a boy that’s in my homeroom “My names Mike...

  15. A new start

    I looked out the window of my new family’s car. “they are finishing paper work. they’ll be right out” the man who brought me to the car said. “Ah here they come!”. Sure enough A man and a women were fast approaching....

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