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  1. Mindful

    Your mind is a storeroom for all you take in. So keep it clean and tidy, Don’t treat it like a bin. Co/BC/2012

  2. Time Enough

    Think nothing of time, and time will leave you in peace. Think nothing of it, and time will all but cease. co/BC/2012

  3. The Ballad of The Pale Rider

    " Look around you kid, most of these men are dead, and the ones who think they are living, have lives filled with fear and dread". “Some of them were once good men,but that was a long time ago, and some of them once had souls, as pure a...

  4. Ego

    I left my ego on my bookshelf. Right next to a copy of: The Burden Of Self. co/BC/2012

  5. Punctuation Boy

    Punctuation boy landed with a plop! He then fell into a comma, Full stop. co/BC/2012

  6. Patronizing Saint

    Alcohol is a killer, of that there is no mistake. It’ll take ye and it’ll break ye, it’ll leave ye as thin as a rake. Alcohol is a killer, that may come to you as a friend. But if it gets a grip on you, it’ll get you in the end....

  7. Glory Hole

    You won’t go down in a blaze of glory Yours will be just another tragic story. You’ll die all alone in that stinking flat, and that my dear friend will be that. The End

  8. Not So Jolly Now

    … and then the jolly hunter went up to see God, and God looked at him and said: “What were you thinking of? you stupid bloody sod”.

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