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  1. Eternal Companions

    Beneath the twinkling of the stars Witnessed by the Moon and sanctified by the Earth Sealed by a warm embrace and true loves kiss We renewed our wedding vows under the soft glow of a street light. It’s only been a day since we first met, but The mom...

  2. Excuse Me, Do I Know You?

    She was a good listener by nature. Genuinely cared about people and their problems. She often found herself on park benches, being stopped by the coffee maker at work, and sitting on a sofa in the book shop she frequents, nodding politely and offering ...

  3. Homebodies

    “So, where have you been lately?” Robert asked them through mouthfuls of the chips and salsa they were sharing. “I think this is the first time any of us have really seen either one of you since you moved in together a few months ago....

  4. Cosmic Glow

    They floated around the universe, a band of shimmering stardust, exploring every corner of the galaxy. They gazed in awe upon the lovely nebula and floated around quaint little moons, They looked down on this tiny little planet filled with all manner o...

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