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  1. s13 INTERWRIT Challenge: Story In Pieces, Backwards!

    He wondered what kind of party he would like to hold. He went to the supermarket to buy the thing he needed at the party. Great wine, great cheese and great dessert. Then, he drove to the gift store to prepare a gift for Sally to celebrate her promotio...

  2. G5-Three words challenge-Pola

    Once upon of time, there was a small village living a vampire, named Robert. To keep himself alive, he needed to go out and searched for animals’ or humans’ blood. Even so, he had a kind heart. He would help the poor and fight with the bad ...

  3. Just after

    “Help! Help!” the kid shouted. He was so afraid that he would be taken to somewhere eles and the bad guys would kill him. “Help me!! Somebody help!!” he kept yelling hoping someone could save him. All of the sudden, the Tramp. H...