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Lover of Poetry, Prose, Fantasy, Nature, Spring and all things Celtic. A died in the wool hopelessly hopeless Romantic, on a journey of sorts. I write fiction although, occasionally loosely, Very loosely, influence by life experiences. I only wish my life was as exciting and passionate as my musings.


  1. A Slug Poem (written by my son when he was 3)

    A Slug in the grass His head was up He was looking around And suddenly he stopped He saw a tiny spider On his way to the park And they became friends And played until dark

  2. FOR RENT- A Small Space In The Back Of My Mind

    This space will do nicely. It is a bit cramped in spots, but over here will work. Yes, I believe I will settle down right here and live for as long as I can. It may be the only way, but atleast we’ll be together in some capacity. Sometimes memories a...

  3. The Horizon

    Standing at the edge of the surf- Breeze blowing in light gusts- My dress whipping back and forth against my legs- The waves break softly across my ankles as my feet sink with each wave Staring out into the horizon, the moon begins it’s ascent. The...

  4. The Absentee Poet

    Hiding in plain sight Running far from free A poet by your right A lonely absentee Pretending to be someone Others think you are Knowing there is only one Who knows you best by far Although it’s only writing Still, Validation craved Eventually Yo...

  5. Observations of a Wallflower

    I sit and I ponder many things while I sip my glass of Pinot and stare out the window of this quaint cafe’. I love this place, this little street of eclectic shops and artsy people. The vintage shops mixed with the new makes for a new adventure e...

  6. A Blue Ridge Memory

    The shadow races across the blue ridge Sitting on the stone wall, lost in each other Not a care in the world for that moment As the sun cast it’s shadow Little did they know of the future An omen of things to come The smile that used to give such...

  7. The Coward

    The coward runs so far away Yet never really leaving He rants and raves and calls her names The proof he is still grieving Denial comes in many forms For him it’s in his anger So hot and vile and down right cruel This person is a stranger The cow...

  8. If only...What If.....

    Sorrow and anguish Of innocence left Given and taken Non-refundable gift Heartbeats purging The memories fading With every beat surging Trying to forget If only I could give it back as if it never were turn back the clock To the way it was before I...

  9. The Best Birthday In years

    It was the best birthday I’d had in years. There was no cake, no ice cream, no balloons ; just he and I- on a blanket under the stars in a park, after dark. It was the best because there was NO place I would rather have been than in his arms. The...

  10. People Watching

    People are an interesting lot. As I sit here, enjoying a glass of Pinot for the first time in twenty-six years, I reminisce over all the years gone by. I turned fifty-one yesterday and my life has taken many turns, but not so many all at once, as have ...

  11. For Rent- Small Space in the Back of My Mind

    This space will do nicely. It is a bit cramped in spots, but over here will work. Yes, I believe I will settle down right here and live for as long as I can. It may be the only way, but atleast we’ll be together in some capacity. Sometimes memori...

  12. Life goes on

    The next morning at breakfast, she went over all the days chores that needed to be done. “you can ride to school today, take Jester. But you come straight home,. Ya hear!” she told her son. Jacob would be eleven on his next birthday. R...

  13. Thank You for the Memory (Mature)

  14. oh Sleep, Where Art Thou Once Again

    It’s four am I cannot sleep I cannot think, I cannot weep There is no heaviness in my lids No sleepy sand, which to get rid I sit here wanting, needing sleep But where oh where are those damned sheep I do belieive the wolves have come and gobble ...

  15. Self- Distruction (repost)

    Rest Calmly you say Every thought a haunting Leaving an emptiness so deep Now oceans apart Seeking what we must Ever Apart for the best Yet love still lingers It was real you see At least it was for me Searching for beauty On distant shores In waves ...

  16. Summer heat and Mosquitos (Mature)

  17. Survival Against the Odds

    We used to roam these woods and forests freely. We outnumbered our predators. Our dens were safe and secure and our pups grew and thrived. We balanced the world. The Elk and the deer flourished as we did. There was no disease and over population in our...

  18. Sleep, Where Art Thou

    Sitting here, in my bed So many thoughts fill my head One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock I just keep counting thru the flock My head it aches from lack of sleep I close my eyes, still counting sheep I am so tired and just worn ou...

  19. Cash flow....not

    Would it not be wonderful Getting paid for what I write A dream of many I am told And doubtful that I might If I could get a little cash For all the time I spend Sitting at my desk of Ash The bank might be my friend

  20. The Poet

    Alone he sits at his fated task Deep in thought, behind his mask Pen in hand and paper steady To bleed his passion at the ready Quill and Ink and words a plenty Wisdom far past four and twenty A mind so deep and thought provoked At times it seems it mu...

  21. A Blessing

    A piano plays in the room next door No sweeter sound for her The voice that joins the melody So confident and sure To hear such talent in this youth Brings a sentimental tear The blessing given years ago A mother’s love to hear

  22. One Day at a Time Cont.

    She took a deep draw of air, filling her lungs. The smell of honeysuckle and horses permeated her senses. She walked out the gate to pick up the bucket she had left on the ground and saw something moving in the moonlight. Focusing her eyes, she realize...

  23. One Day at a Time

    It was late, but the horses needed to be fed. After all, they couldn’t feed themselves. She walked out to the pasture with buckets in hand. The night was cool and dry. The moon shone bright at it’s half light. The only light in the darknes...

  24. Fallen Star

    Express to me in word or song The fated circumstance gone wrong To love another so complete Passions moments to delete Friend or foe, there is no telling Forever gone, it is thy dwelling But to retreat would be amiss And send thee to the black abyss Th...

  25. A Poem for the Love of Poetry

    I love poetry for all it’s worth The words come easier for some For others, they must search the earth To find the perfect rhyme. For others, meaning must be obvious While some fancy the more obscure Searching out the almost curious Phrases that ...

  26. Distraction

    I hate it when I loose my thought It makes me mad, its all for naught The words come quickly to my mind Then out they go, for me to find They play there little petty game Of hide and seek much to my shame I try and try to get them back Only to see them...

  27. Journal Entry

    Your written word holds deep The emotions that make you weep Allegorical or obvious prose Feelings no one else knows An exercise in stress relief Or to exorcise the grief A passion held with great affection To ease the pain of life’s complication...

  28. Silly Rap

    Waking up thinking Thoughts still reeling Been almost a year and The heart isn’t healing Loss getting harder As the summer gets closer It’s not getting easier Gotta stop pondering My mind from wondering Back to the past We said it woul...

  29. The Fox and The Field Mouse cont

    The fox poked his head in to greet the mouse Sending squeaking chickens right out of the house The tiny mouse shuddered in fright Wearing his chainmail, the door was tight He asked the mouse if she wanted to spar That all he wanted was a friend by far ...

  30. The Fox and The Field Mouse

    A fox in the hen house Frightens the little field mouse He only wants a friend you see To play pretend, have fun, be free Relating to the other foxes Has become quite obnoxious They are unimaginative, old and boring There chatter is like grandpa snori...

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