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I was born with the gift of sesquipedalianism, and a sense that the world was floccinaucinihilipilificated.


  1. Pressgang

    “Tana-” Some part of her recognized her name, but she didn’t turn around until the small figures coffled behind her were safely handed over to the foreman. “Slumming today, Khal?” she said, shoving her precious tally chit ...

  2. Negotiation

    “Does it have to be the duck costume?” “Yes.” “But Jolly got to be a bear last week. Why do I always get stuck with the duck.” “Cause Jolly always brings in the proles and you, mister, bring in squat. Now, get ...

  3. Pandora's End

    The fourth launch was always a subdued affair. No one ever took a first launch seriously, and the second could always be discounted as a fluke. When a third launch goes off as easy as scratching your neck, though, folk start to sit up. Folk start to no...