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  1. 4

    Innocence. A locked cove; sharpened to a point. 1 found the key. Ticking time in a glass bottle. Drink the seconds, it won’t save you any.

  2. Church Walls

    “The truth is that airports saw more sincere kisses than the wedding halls. The walls of the hospitals have heard more prayers than the walls of the church.”

  3. Alive

    “Her entire existence is trying to figure out what her life is supposed to be while her heart breaks a little bit everyday over the tragedy of being alive.”

  4. stagnant

    When I told you how I felt I gave you every ounce of my being. I didn’t tell you however, how long this has been going on or how much I care. I let that destroy me from the inside with a stagnant facade around you. I didn’t let it show so ...

  5. Descriptions

    Stained lips and shoulder blades of backwards lungs. Painted eyes and hands of frosted finger tips. Just a shade to pale for handsome.

  6. Red Flag

    A natural light show. Driven. Telekinesis? No, self worth. Muddy feet and strawberries. Similarities? No, patience.

  7. Hints

    I chase shadows. I fall for shadows. I fall for the suggestion of what you are.. Your shadow. It’s not as ominous and dark like most shadows. You’re different.

  8. Headstone

    I am not afraid of death.. its the thought of not living that scares me. The thought of not falling in love, or not being able to ever let things go. There are some lives you live, and some you leave behind… but to die would be an awfully big adv...

  9. f a t e

    I have the key and you have the gun… while we paint silent poetry. you have the hope and I have the know… for something to go as planned.

  10. This

    It was cold, but somehow the night kept me warm. You looked at me like you had it all figured out and I tried not to sound clueless, but with a heavy heart and even heavier eyes, I told you what I couldn’t even admit to myself: “I don̵...

  11. Differences

    Lockets and red threads. Floral’s and old oak. I am susceptible to blue…

  12. Mistakes?

    A slow breath and a steady heart. You wait and my head is silenced. Lingering looks. A lasting impression. You are still my favorite mistake.

  13. Thoughts

    You are nothing but a broken oak chair in a world of twisted words. Distraught. I do have my crown and you have your faith. Reasons do keep happening, but is it for it?

  14. Rose Petals

    What happened to this? What happened to us? We always joke about the future and the past.. but this feeling was never planned. It was not supposed to happen, but now that its here; we can’t send it back. Now this idea is in both of our laps. Wait...

  15. CD-R

    Echoes in the hallway of this house I know It hurts to let go Crystal windows reflect Giggling paintings line the wall

  16. Heaven

    Through a floating door, you and me under a lined paper moon. Evergreen thoughts line our ear lobes as we remember the stars. You close your eyes and imagine a place far from here. Where elevators take you to palm leaves and back; and everyone wears gl...

  17. ...missing

    I walk out the door of my rusty cottage and on to the cobble steps that lie embracing the foundation ever so gently beneath it. The orange rays of the sun are just peaking through the emerald evergreens that line the petite frame of my abode. I stop an...

  18. Teared Curtain

    “How fickle my heart and woozy my eyes; My weakness I feel must finally show” I await in a room full of media bounded gossip lining every angle of the egg-shell wall. It is funny how a new perspective changes they way you look at the most m...

  19. Up With The Fears

    ..in a world of sunken clouds; where glitter flutters where we walk.

  20. Bandage

    You are so broken.. I am as confused as you are. But we both know where we want to go. Now I know you know, I know. That I may not be able to fix you.. but I do have a bandage.

  21. Ice Age

    I am thinking it’s a sign that the freckles In our eyes are mirror images and when We kiss they’re perfectly aligned And I have to speculate that God himself Did make us into corresponding shapes like Puzzle pieces from the clay True, it ma...

  22. The Red Card

    The angel from my nightmare. Hello there. A string of city lights on the subway track. Jump.

  23. Fireplace Frenzy

    Driving down a road of news, with oak fancies and beaded hopes. Rain washes away drips of despair. Starred scarfs cover our barren faces, a new day. A gold sun. You and Me.

  24. Pearl Earings

    ..as we race to the moon and back. Jumping from gold point to the next; living on peanut butter toast. ..when our world doesn’t compare to the real one. We gaze, gape and guide. Just a shade too pale for handsome. ..searching through painted ey...

  25. Proper Endings

    Song: Only Love by Anthony Green feat. Nate Ruess I have walked so many miles these past months.. Through so many stages of green, orange, and brown. I think about you often…and what we had. It was nothing; I needed to move on, and keep walking. ...

  26. Hopeless Disguise

    Just minimum wage lovers in life like the weather, I’m over with words, and moving on in lines. In crowded London streets; a dim light skyline. A chorus of kids sing our praises. Broken lines of interception repeat; eternity. Lets paint mugs only...

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