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Hey everyone!
So glad that Ficly finally up. I’m suprised to see a character count on the bio but that’s cool. I’ve missed this SO much, you wouldn’t believe. But then again, all my fellow Ficleteers would believe because you all know what it felt like to be a part of that great community. Hopefully, we can all build something just as good, maybe even better, than Ficlets.

Now a bit about myself. I have just about graduated from high school and will be attending the University of Florida this fall. This is a new and exciting and scary expeirence for me and I can’t wait for it to start. I’m hoping to find some new inspiration for some new material.

Feel free to comment, sequel, prequel, send me a note (wait, can we still do that?) or whatever. I love getting feedback.

I apoligize ahead of time for my random comments. I just can’t help commenting sometimes. Its a sickness :)

I also have a ranting problem. I can go on and on and on and on. If it bothers you, I’m very sorry. I just can’t help it.



  1. Missing You (Part 2)

    They started dating and soon fell in love. Things got a little strained when she went to law school while he back-packed through Europe. It wasn’t a lack of trust, it was the constant worry about him that caused the strain. After that dilemma, th...

  2. Missing You (Part 1)

    The clock showed 1:59 am and Jane was sitting under the lamp preparing for the next day’s court battles. Eyes shore and hand cramping, the only thing keeping her from falling asleep where she sat was the thought of the defender’s crushed fa...

  3. The Worst Part (Cont.)

    For a while I put up with it, didn’t bother me too much. I was happy for the attention and for something new to focus on. I even fooled myself into thinking that you really cared. But I was wrong. Very very wrong. You’ve hurt me over and ov...

  4. The Worst Part

    You know what the worst part is? You don’t? Of course you don’t. You never know anything. Isn’t that the reason for the thousands of idk’s? Of course you wouldn’t know what hurts me the most. God forbid you actually pay at...

  5. The Worst Part

    You know what the worst part is? You don’t? Of course you don’t. You never know anything. Isn’t that the reason for the thousands of idk’s? Of course you wouldn’t know what hurts me the most. God forbid you actually pay at...

  6. Thoughts...

    I want to feel that joy that comes from your embrace. The sun coming in from the parted curtains warming my face as I lie in your arms. Thinking of the times we’ve spent together and the times we’ve yet to see. Imagining our future, so...

  7. Name

    All I can say is that I’ll Love you until you hurt me Enough that I need an X-ray to tell me where the shattered And scattered pieces of my heart are. Never mind that I’ve done things for you that I’d never Do for anyone else, neve...

  8. Tears

    You make me want to cry. You can do what no one else can. No one else makes me feel the confusion and pain that you bring. But no one makes me feel the joy and peace either. Why do you play such a dual role? Why are you a double-edged sword? You make t...

  9. Consistently Inconsistent

    When I think of you, The Beetles lyrics come to mind. “I want you. I want you SO bad.” I know you want me too, but its not the same. I want you for experiences and feelings and happy times together. I’m starting to get the feeling tha...

  10. Rise and Fall

    I watch your chest rise and fall ever so slowly as you lie next to me. I think of the time we’ve spent together, of the joys we’ve shared. How did I ever find you? How did I ever make you mine? Was it fate? Was this predestined? Does ...

  11. Twisted Love - The Battle

    The battle was long and bloody but alas the coaches were no match for the adrenaline filled bodies of the teenagers. They stood victorious over the bodies of the slain men, blood seeping into the moist ground. With victory radiating from every pore in ...

  12. Twisted Love - A Miracle

    Well he hadn’t been with Mary. That was always a good thing. A miracle and a good thing. Almost as good and miraculous as him being, she dared to think it, available. What a great stroke of fortune. She might actually have a chance at happiness h...

  13. Twisted Love - The Answer

    3 minutes later Come What May could be heard coming from Hannah’s pocket. Mary sure was quick with the responses. Funny thing was, she might not understand standard formal English, but she sure could write it. Her response read, “As far as ...

  14. Twisted Love - Mary the know-it-all

    Sure once she started talking you couldn’t get her to stop and every story she told revolved around the same five topics but when it came to the dating status of an athlete she was your girl. It was easy for her considering she had been with just...

  15. Twisted Love - Rob

    Hannah couldn’t believe that she had perceived anything as beautiful before she had seen Rob. Nothing seemed as wonderful or spectacular. Rob had brought a new light into her world, had given it a new breath. There was a shinning new light to her...

  16. Twisted Love - Best Friends and Sports

    Kasey, her best friend, had one of those all-star boyfriends who did every sport and went to as many practices as she could, normally dragging along Hannah. She didn’t mind. Athletes tended to be hot and her favorite sport was hot guy spotting. H...

  17. Milk War(Part 2)

    They had created a stage and use it to challenge rival stands. Two by two the girls would battle for another title; dance empress! Of course the boys would flock to the victorious stand and make sure it sold out fast. Guys just couldn’t resist vi...

  18. Milk Wars(Part 1)

    It was the summer of ’92 and the pre-teens of 49th street were preparing for the yearly milkshake war. As was the strange custom of the small town of Bunberry, each girl paired up with another to set up their milkshake stand (rather than the clic...

  19. Twisted Love - Protecting

    Juan and Rocky were only too willing to help carry the unconscious Rob back. Hannah knew the nicknames and jokes would start but that was something Rob could deal with. If he didn’t want to be tormented he should hold his alcohol better, or not d...

  20. Twisted Love - Intro

    The smell of vodka drifted off Rob’s breath as their faces drew nearer. Hannah knew he wouldn’t remember kissing her in the morning but she was going to enjoy it. His face was right there. Closer and closer. Just about to touch and then… ...

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