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My short stories mainly include rhyme, though I write much, much more, in my spare time. I gratefully accept any feedback, though its for my own fulfillment that I write.

I’m the kind of girl that you see in a corner of the bus every night, smelling the pages of her fantasy novel.

Please rate my stuff and let me know what you think!


  1. Got to Leave

    The same hills, The same sky. How do you expect me To leave? The same rivers, The forrest, The waterfalls. The fields, The moors, Those tiny cottages, With the butter yellow Doors. The rain, That makes us moan. Always rain. The rain that pours, It send...

  2. Danny Gilmore

    Just the other day, He sat in front of me Again. In science, this time – I felt a familiar pulsing In my brain, As I looked up at him, At his hair, At his back. He sat lazily in his chair, Clearly avoiding my glare. I had to change tact. Just th...

  3. Attention

    I’m naturally blonde. I once thought this may have been the reason why the male species took such an interest. I went brunette, tried to look less appealing. Made little difference. I’m naturally slim. I ate and I ate – only my boobs ...

  4. A Bitter End

    I gasped and struggled from the ropes binding me. I screamed until he turned around to face me. He rolled down the safety lever and it complied obediently with a click. The sound was terrifying. He watched the tears filling my eyes with sorrow. He pres...

  5. Final Blow?

    I wanted him to do it. How could I pretend I did not love him? He watched me with tender eyes as he continued to stroke my cheek. His hand passed by my mouth and I bowed my head and kissed it, surprising even me. He froze, but then the room filled with...

  6. Martin's Sacrifice

    So anyway, here I am, undercover, and there’s this girl, Louise – I plan to make her my lover. I can tell she wants me, yes, she wants me bad, but there are rules concerning that. I am a superhero, we are not destined to be. My dear Louise,...

  7. A Little Bit More About Martin

    I suppose you’d like to know a little more about me, aka, Super Martin. Of course you would. I’m a superhero. My mind doesn’t work like everybody else’s, no, that wouldn’t be right. I can see through glass and I can walk t...

  8. Martin, the Violin Guy

    My name is Martin, and I have superpowers. Yes, I do, I’m not kidding. I’m a superhero, and like most superheroes, I keep my identity concealed. I bet your looking doubtfully at your screen, thinking, ‘Yeah right. The guy that plays t...

  9. A Vision

    I once had a vision of this girl. She wore just black, and had fiery red hair pulled back into a trilby hat, that hung lopsided over the right side of her face. She was walking down the street, her hands in her deep coat pockets. Her pale skin shone om...

  10. Sammy and her Big Blue Book

    Children made fun of Sammy, and pointed at her clothes. They said she was a weirdo, they said she had a pointy nose. Sammy seemed not to care, and go about how she was. She went home every night with Joe, and wrote stories in her Big Blue Book, ones of...

  11. Little girl Sammy

    Sammy was just a little girl with eyes as bright as spring. She could laugh for hours at a time, and she had always loved to sing. Her mother was a little odd, with a mind that was not quite sane, though Sammy loved her more than anything and she never...

  12. A Prisoner of Love

    Weeks I sat, tied to this chair. I was enclosed within thick concrete walls, my prisoner kneeling before me on the floor. I screamed and hollered at the door. ‘Nobody will hear you.’ he whispered in my ear as he ran a finger down my shiveri...

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