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  1. Geared Golfcart

    Gregarious gentlemen gather geared golfcarts. Gawk at gorgeous Gloria, geared golfcart goes to ground. Gorgeous Gloria grabs geared golfcart, greeted by gregarious gentlemen.

  2. Brilliant Butlers

    Brilliant butlers boldly behold barren beast. Barren beast balks at being beheld, blithely beats the brilliant butlers who bleed. British Bobbies bar beast from being beheld, by order of Baron.

  3. Commissioning

    Six years to reach this point. The Phantom was part of a new class of ship, Gagarin class. The largest built to date, it was also the slowest to build. This past week they had begun pressurizing the hull section by section. It was unnerving to be on bo...

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