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  1. A totally sensible phrase

    Damn, he thought, flying home. That can’t be true. The fires disagreed. Sweeping low, he could sense lifeless figures shambling aimlessly in the ruins. That old senile lizard is just having a joke at my expense. A faint glow on the horizon signal...

  2. Less than Half

    Partial Interview Transcript Subject: Lt. Demitrius Rand Interviewer: REDACTED Topic: Dr. Kara Genfall (MD-PhD) The Doc’ definitely scares me, but I can’t say she shouldn’t be out here. Yeah, she’ll order a mental health exam if...

  3. K and M are right next to each other!

    no no no no no stop stop you cant do that get away from me you psycho who let you in here im calling the police wait the phone is dead oh fssssk youre going to kill me but wait i have atmo control haha youre dead now you moron what why isnt it working ...

  4. Let 'Em Keep It (Mature)

  5. Cartesian Core

    Starting bootup sequence… Loading: - english.lang - logic.core - math.core - video.sense - audio.sense - touch.sense - smell.sense - taste.sense - sixth.sense - common.sense Running sanity checks… 2 + 2 = 4 e = 2.718281828459045… pi =...

  6. Sub-Kibi Fic' Between (3/16/2009)

    It’s not often one gets to jump out of a spacecraft. For emergency purposes, maybe, a crew can strap on EVA suits and abandon ship, hoping for a rescue. In ships capable of atmospheric flight, I suppose, one could bail out using a parachute. Unfo...

  7. Offline Fic'ing

    You’ll have to find/replace all the square brackets with angle brackets because Ficly eats HTML. [html] [SCRIPT LANGUAGE=“JavaScript”] function count(field, cntfield, maxlimit) { if (field.value.length ] maxlimit) field.value = fiel...

  8. Nod and Smile

    Unfortunately, the paramedics got to me in time. Suicide watch. Lame. I said as much to the blurry face talking at me. “Why do you say that?” asked the blur in the labcoat. You don’t even have me strapped down. Besides, I’m done...

  9. The Fic' Between (5/7/2009)

    “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to break the political Bands which tie one people to another…” He stopped. “I can’t do this anymore. The Declaration was not a speech!” “It’s like ...

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