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  1. Kuiper Cowboy: Attack!

    Tycho keyed the final sequence of pulse beams needed to send the comet into orbit around Iapetus. Thankfully the hard part was over and all that was really left to do was collect his paycheck. Tycho and the boys finished the pulse sequence and headed b...

  2. Kuiper Cowboy: Six Shooter Therapy

    Remmi broke the silence, “Gentelmen, surely there must be some mistake?” “The computer doesn’t lie!” blurted the dandy as he thumbed the console in front of him, signaling the sheriff. Remmi had to think fast. He computed ...

  3. Kupier Cowboy: Straight Flush

    Remmi looked at his hand and grimaced. He was already down 2000 credits and couldn’t afford to lose any more. Hell, he thought, I had to spend most of what we made on the Europa job on repairs to the ship and myself. Remmi’s finger twitched...

  4. Kuiper Cowboy: Enter Dr. T

    Dr. Tiberius slammed his fist down on the console. Those fools on Titan, they have no idea who they are dealing with! Dr. Tiberius had just been dismissed from the colony board of directors and asked to leave the planet. While his passion was science a...

  5. My Grandma's Condition

    I signed my name on the last of the hospital paperwork, not even bothering to read it. I had seen it all before. My Grandma had been in an out of the hospital for emergency surgery for most of my life. It all started with a really bad condition she dev...

  6. Kuiper Cowboy

    Tycho finished his pre-flight check. A pain in the ass for sure but even a small tear would leave him to asphyxiate in the cold depths of space. Tycho locked himself into his Equus VII and hit the ignition switch. The bike was dirty from the constant e...

  7. Undo (Doing the Bare Minimum)

    The smoking hot barrel drops to the floor. What have I done?

  8. Free Fall (One Line of Desperation)

    Looking back, the tragedy of it all was that he never even tried to pull the ripcord.

  9. Heroic Theft

    I collapsed into my chair, exhausted from searching for my wife who went missing in the forest a week ago. I was fast losing hope. Then my front door opened. At first my heart lifted hoping to see her walk into the room. Instead, a large man wearing ar...

  10. Digital Genocide

    The disease spread quickly. It could kill in a day or two and going anywhere near someone infected guaranteed transmission. Hundreds were dead. Thousands more would die soon. There was no cure known. Cases were cropping up on all corners of the colony....

  11. Checklist

    Time to see if I have everything I’ll for my trip this weekend, she thought. Toothbrush. Check Comb. Check Couple changes of clothes. Check Silk nightie. Check Map. Check GPS. Check Flashlight. Check Rope. Check Night vision goggles. Check Knife....

  12. The Hunger

    Damn it’s dark. I get up off the ground and look around. All I remember is hearing an extremely loud noise, like an explosion. I whipped around to check it out, saw a huge green flash in the sky and I blacked out. Woke up here, must be hours late...

  13. I don't have to run fast . . . (Mature)

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