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I’m just walking in circles to find my way home.


  1. Today

    Today, the only light comes from multicolor grids fake suns strung on wire the raucous colors of their fashionable clothes. Today, shadows cling to moving cars to waving trees to motionless people. Today, colors blur and blend and weave and gro...

  2. Pause

    Darkness clings Ripples in a pond Cattails waving in the soft summer breeze Green eyes of water, watching, perched on lilypad The silence between heartbeats Silver staircase open wide Eternity here, Waiting…

  3. Get out alive

    3 years had passed since I had last seen my brother. It wasn’t safe for us to meet-but I had been playing it safe for 3 years, and frankly, I was sick of it. My informant told me that he was dying. So I went. One last chance for me to tell him t...

  4. Drawing the line

    Out there, in our world of office buildings, of cubicles, of day after day after day repeating a meaningless task, we can lose our focus-our reason for being. We feel like cogs in a giant wheel, working towards an end that seems blurry and faint, for a...

  5. ..."And besides, you owe me."