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I will tell people now my grammar does suck, but I’ve been told I’m a really good writer. I got on here to try and see how good of a writer I can be and improve as well. Cause my dream is to be a famous writer someday and I’m hoping of making it come true. I would like lots of people opinions and if you do see errors, please help me fix them.

I am 16 years old. I love hanging with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. I also get on the computer when I can, I want to be a famous writer someday. Looney tunes are my favorite TV shows to watch, also I do like anime and Manga. Random thought: Hanging out in the rain and dancing in it is really fun. Reading, playing outside, being active, role-playing, playing GBA games are my past times. My dad is my biggest hero without him I wouldn’t be where I am now. My favorite season is the fall and wolves are my favorite animals. I have the nickname of wolf or wolfy and that’s all of a name you will get out of me. byez! .


  1. The Meeting

    The girls looked frightened with each step we took for home. I don’t blame them with the creatures that attacked us. Suddenly I hear a small gasp, turning quickly on my heels ready to fight when I see the boy step from under the bridge angry like a s...

  2. Demon Bat Creatures

    As the black creature moved closer the twins screamed behind me. I turned quickly to find the black creature that was coming close behind me. It had the body of a human body builder but all black epically the eyes except with white pupils and huge blac...

  3. Past Memories

    Sitting on my bed thinking about the way things were then, before the war had started between Kittyos and Humans. It was 2025 the month of December a cold wet day. On June 14th, 2025 I had just gotten my driver license and was coming out of my job work...

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