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I write in between everything else because if I didn’t everything else would implode. I am new to the site but am looking forward to exploring its possibilities.


  1. I pushed my bike

    One look told me that mending the chain was going to take more time and patience than I had. Well time was no problem, I had plenty of that but patience was not a virtue I embraced too readily. The ride had calmed me; speed, being able to feel it thro...

  2. Next

    Beth liked to skip the actual dying part but the punters always seemed to want details . It was what they demanded for their fifty bucks. She peered through the gloom at Mrs Kaplinski she had that look that said, ‘Prove you ain’t a fraud, g...

  3. Potty Dishumour (Part 3) (Mature)

  4. Potty Dishumour (Part 3) (Mature)

  5. Tic-Tac-Toe (Mature)

  6. The Clone Technician's Notes to his Apprentice

    Observe the muscle rise and clamber onto bone. The ligaments and sinews will thread the ghost of movement through each minute vault in the architecture of the frame. The organs will bloom and expand to meet the space available. The brain creates itsel...

  7. The Circuitry of Mercy

    Mercy is a strange sensation, his synaptic pathways shuddered as the impulse took hold. Whilst maintaining surveillance he booted up diagnostics and let it ripple through each pathway, the complex cityscape of his being. He never liked diagnostic it ...

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