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Hmmm. I never know what to say in this part. I’ve never really shared anything with the general public, so this should be an interesting experiment. I’ve been writing off and on for quite some time. Mostly poetry, but I did write a couple of super-short stories. I’ll have to figure out what to post here as I go………


  1. The Captives (part three)

    Avram’s ancient hands shook as he tried to straighten out the wick. As he struggled with it, he glanced out the window to see the last of the day’s light retreat below the horizon. “80 years,” Avram said to himself, determinatio...

  2. The Captives (part two)

    As the years passed, and new generations of Itessins took over the castle, the obsession with lighting the castle grew until it seemed to consume them. They began to ignore their estates and investements. And as the family’s income dwindled, so d...

  3. The Captives (part 1)

    “Avram! Hurry! The sun has almost set” Avram shook his head sadly as Lord Brannis’ frightened voice echoed down the vast, empty halls. Everyday it was the same. Lord Brannis and Avram hurrying through Stonecage Castle, making sure tha...

  4. Fight or Flight

    Beasts! Roaring, clawing, raging in my mind! I run and I hide. But they sniff me out. I flee again, bleeding from their claws and fangs. They circle ’round me, hounding me, herding me. In a flash of courage (or is it desperation?) I charge the be...

  5. 6 1/2 inches

    It’s a small step. Only 6 1/2" down. I actually measured it one day. 6 1/2 inches. Such a small step. Yet that space holds all the doubts, fears, disasters and failures of my life. 6 1/2 inches. Such a small step. It’s such a vast dist...

  6. A Week in the Life of... part II

    A party to share my promotion To a postion of power and prestige. My future bright. My good fotune ending? Of this I had no notion. A celebration of successes. The congratulations of good friends. The champagne flowed With the laughter of women in beau...

  7. Lady Dion

    She is a blazing figure Shining forth in the dark. Yet if you gaze close enough It seems the darkest of the night Hangs closest ’round her. This brilliant picture is masked, in truth By her shield of dark adversity. She weaves her tales of sorrow...

  8. My Love

    I do not believe that you can truly love another if that love is not returned. And so I’ve found that one love can be much unlike another, and bring heartache and loneliness the same as if that other loved you not at all. 10-15-95

  9. Alcohol Deity

    In a crowd you’re alone No one can get close Your veil of happiness Transparent as a ghost I try to reach you But I only get spurned You tell me you know How it feels to get burned Your world’s made of glass And it’s ready to break Wh...

  10. A Week In the Life Of......

    It’s funny, really. You reach a point in your life where you think, ‘Yes! This is where I want to be! Everything is finally good!’ Then, a week later you find yourself stuffed in the trunk of a stripped, burnt out car in a condemned p...

  11. A Walk in the Park

    “Ya know what Bobby? I don’t think I can take this anymore.” “Hah! Whatcha gonna do? Move? It’s not like you can pack up and go somewhere else.” “Maybe not. But I can’t just sit here and let people keep s...

  12. That Moment

    A Moment A Place A pinpoint of joy and love A Breath A Heartbeat A new clarity of thought A Spark A Crash A piercing surge of pain A Moment A Place A realization that you’ve lost it all.

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