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Hello again.

Well, I think it is an epic fail on my behalf for neglecting this account for so long. (I think it’s been over a year)
I’m really going to try to be part of this writing community this time. I wont make promises I may fail to keep, so I’m just going to write as much as I can when I can.

Any criticism is appreciated, thanks very much to those who have already commented.

Its good to be back :)



  1. Supplies.

    I took a deep breath to steady my nerves and kicked in the door. The smell assaulted me instantly, as it always did. I shone the light on my rifle around the room. Though I was sure there was no one left, it was better to be safe than sorry. Only a few...

  2. Inginuity.

    The area had been cordoned off. Photos were being taken of the scene. Everything looked like a standard mugging gone wrong. Looked like. One of the officers opened his wallet, checking for signs of robbery. Nothing was missing. I never took my souvenir...

  3. Not Good Enough

    “……sorry.” Her eyes were determined. Unforgiving. Revengeful. “You did this.” She fired.

  4. Cherry Tree

    They glided, flew, almost self aware. Their movement highlighted the miniscule currents of air that would be otherwise invisible to the human eye. The hue of the petals was almost white against the stark contrasting navy background. I was exhausted, b...

  5. Cold Night

    I held on tightly to his sleeves, so tightly that I could hear the rainproof material crackle, so tightly that I knew that when I let go, as I eventually had to, my knuckles and joints would ache. I shouldn’t have said it. But I had to. I would h...

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