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    Joined August 2009.

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    “It’s the meat talking, ignore it.”

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    J. Rein B.

    Joined July 2009 and calls Subtle Skies and Gray Analogies home.

    97 stories, 0 challenges, 259 comments, and 32 friends

    Was an extremely eccentric 16 year old from the good ol’ Philippines. I’m now 18, and I still like science fiction, ambigrams, and other stuff.

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    Joined July 2010.

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    THX 0477

    Joined May 2009.

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    Dr. Tim’s Neurotic Rules of Ficly Life

    [Disclaimer: This is not intended to be binding nor in any way an expectation of general members of Ficly, league members, family members or wearers of Member’s Only jackets]

    1. Comment to Story posting ratio must exceed 5:1. Goal is 10:1. In other words, I write a story then find five others (at least) upon which to comment before writing another.

    2. For every solo shot or sequel of my own material, I must write a sequel or prequel to the work of another author. If I’m going easy on myself, participating in a challenge also fulfills this requirement.

    3. If someone comments on one of my stories, I go find one of theirs upon which to comment. It only seems fair, and I like to think it encourages commenting.

    4. Awesomeness is the goal, always. Call me on it when I fail, please.

    5. Clearly mark mature content and err on the side of caution.

    6. Golden Rule remains in effect for all sequels, prequels, and comments.

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    Snowy Owl

    Joined February 2011.

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    What can I say? I love writing!

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    Terrance Guess

    Joined February 2011 and calls The most Urly Profile home.

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    I like short stories and that´s not a lie.
    You other authors cant deny.
    When a story walks in with a break neck pace,
    and a plot hole in your face,
    You get hung,
    Wanna ad a chapter,
    Cause you noticed that story needs to be buffed,
    The deep plot at which you´re glaring,
    I´m hooked and I can´t stop reading,
    Oh story I wanna get with ya,
    And ad a character,
    My readers tried to warn me,
    But that villain you got,
    Make me so corny,

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    Joined September 2009.

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    I guess this will do.

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    Joined December 2010 and calls http://akheloios.livejournal.com/ home.

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    Hi, I’m Paul.

    Winner of the 2009 All England Pro-Am Hikikomori Championship via Unanimous Disqualification for not getting out of bed and turning up. Currently studying for a Degree in Classics with a bit of Archaeology and Creative Writing thrown in for fun. Collector of bad films, reader of trashy vampire romance, writer of, so far, short stories and bad poetry.

    Defeated the Spider-Queen of Mars in hand to hand combat for the Sceptre of D’Hash, but doesn’t like to talk about it.

    Once loved a sparkly chested vampire so much the body glitter wore off.

    Enjoying Ficly far more than is good for my assignment schedule.

    Usually found hanging out round the northern end of Manchester, UK.

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    Joined July 2009.

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    Me am writer.

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    Tina Murphy

    Joined February 2011.

    10 stories, 0 challenges, 246 comments, and 32 friends

    I’m open to any critiques, no need to whitewash it. I want to improve my writing and enjoy the flow of creative juices even if they go splat.

    I joined Ficly to challange myself and break out of the writing box I’ve constructed over years of just “thinking about it” instead of expressing it through written word.

    I live in Minnesota and love everything oriental including sushi and goldfish but not at the same time.

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    Joined January 2011 and calls slash fiction home.

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    A graphic designer by trade and study, I currently freelance for the big bucks. Also, I’m not even pretending that I know what goes on in the world of writing…I just like trying new things.

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    Joined June 2009 and calls Spageti.info home.

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    Hail, good sir, or madame (I musn’t forget the superior sex! ;-] ). My name is Spageti. Good to make your acquaintance. I was born leagues away in a quaint place Christianed as Hamptonshire. My pappy was a writer of ye olde English fiction and me mum a proud housekeeper, the bless’d angel she was… I found it my responsibility to continue my family’s tradition of writin’ stories and housekeepin’, so I drunkenly stumbled onto this bit one night on my way back from Bubbles. Ever since, I’ve been writin’ my stories and making capturing massive adoration from plebians! I’d like to personally thank all me dear friends on this ledger via missive.

    From a hoary old man to his captives!

    ~ Spageti

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    Joined January 2011 and calls http://www.elvoorhees.com home.

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    I am not much of a writer nor much of a painter, musician, or singer. I do all of them anyway and in small amounts to amuse myself and maintain some semblance of sanity. What I lack in grammar skills or style, I make up for in mediocrity and incoherent ramblings. I desperately seek the approval of strangers and do not give a damn what anyone thinks about it, as long as it doesn’t force me to reevaluate my unyielding and ever-changing principles. I hope to learn a few things from every experience, and I accept harsh criticism easily through my internet connection. Praise is often accepted as well, but we’d all rather have cash I’m sure.

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    Radical Yellow Duck

    Joined July 2009.

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    Ok, I’m back. One heart attack, a triple CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, pronounced cabbage) and two sessions of beating my computer into submission. I am back.

    I’m old. Real old. I’m so old I remember when dialing a phone number actually involved using a dial.

    I’ve worked as a projectionist, an armored car driver, a help desk tech, a museum tech and laserist, an historical interperter at Old Sturbridge Village, a university assistant at a planetarium and observatory. I’ve been a salesman, a techie, A union VP and a storyteller. I remember the Gemini missions, but was born after sputnik. I have a love of History, Technology, Space, my religion (Christianity) and my country. I believe there is more that binds us together than can tear us apart.

    I’ve loved many, married one, was involuntarily divorced.

    Oh and I suppose I should tell you. I don’t understand your music and when it comes to sports, I don’t care if the Red Sox beat the 49’ers for the Stanley cup or not. Not judging, it’s just me.

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    Joined July 2010 and calls http://jnbrown.wordpress.com home.

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    Yuriy Zubovski

    Joined June 2009 and calls Thick with Issues home.

    68 stories, 3 challenges, 65 comments, and 21 friends

    I am a physicist, atheist, collaborative writer, poet, graphic artist, web designer, and Delt.

    I’ve written quite a few stories that are ripe for reading, sequeling, prequeling, and commenting, if you’re so inclined.

    My favorite ficly thread – or ficly tree, if you will – is one I wrote about Verdanus and Tertius. Please take a gander, and feel free to build off of it! There is no way to ruin the story, if that is something you fear, so your sequels and prequels will always be appreciated!

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    Joined August 2010 and calls Twitter? home.

    59 stories, 22 challenges, 660 comments, and 49 friends

    “The world is full of ugly things that you can’t change. Pretend it’s not that way. That’s my idea of faith.”

    College-bound dork in Indiana. It’s a fun time.

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    Sir Bic

    Joined March 2011 and calls Sir Bic of Ficly home.

    55 stories, 3 challenges, 527 comments, and 55 friends

    As a self-proclaimed Knight of Ficly:

    I, Sir Bic, do solemnly swear -

    To befriend those who befriend me

    To follow those who critique me

    To make my giving (my stories) but a tenth part of my gifts (my comments)

    “Long live the land of Ficly!” – []o)

    I strive for a 10:1, comment-to-story ratio, cause the math is easier.

    I hope to have as many Ficleteer friends as I have Ficlet stories.

    “Give me Ficly or give me death!” – []o)

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    Joined March 2010.

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    go suck an apostrophe.

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    Joined March 2011 and calls What happens when I stop home.

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    At the beginning when mush squished in my nose and I felt the world through my mother’s skin, I grabbed words by the umbilical cord. Now cut, dry, and old, I pull on any cord I can find that ends with a word of purpose in this unfathomably perturbing world.

    I write.

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    Joined September 2010.

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    i write stuff sometimes.
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    Elmore Jr

    Joined July 2010.

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    Nerdy Coolness

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    Sphinx Without A Secret

    Joined December 2009 and calls Zoe's Fledgeling Literary Career home.

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    Joined January 2011 and calls My Music Compositions home.

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    The patron saint of lost causes.

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    Taylor Kent

    Joined February 2011 and calls Are Those My Gardening Gloves? home.

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    Joined May 2009 and calls My Old Ficlets home.

    71 stories, 2 challenges, 583 comments, and 36 friends

    Great stories happen to those who can tell them. -Ira Glass, although he attributed it to Anonymous.

    If you comment my stuff, please be as nit-picky as necessary. I crave constructive criticism. Also alliteration.

    If you want to start a series with me, drop a note! Remember to comment on everything, rate, and use the Random Story button at the bottom of the page.

    Warning: Shameless Plug Ahead Had around 570 ficlets on the old site—you can read ’em through the link above if you like.

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    Phil Sporlan

    Joined April 2011.

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    I’m an old school ficlet user just found this site.


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    32 Squared

    Joined December 2010.

    51 stories, 5 challenges, 113 comments, and 29 friends

    “Difference is a blessing, not a challenge. We define ourselves by knowing other people. We know our world by learning about difference. What is the word we often use? Tolerance. Is that a positive notion? Not really. ‘For the time being, I will tolerate you?’ I’m against that concept. It means difference is a threat. Difference is a blessing and you don’t tolerate a blessing. You embrace it.” — Mohammad Mahallati.

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    Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Joined January 2010 and calls the Land of Oz, for which she is its Wizard, home.

    516 stories, 28 challenges, 1751 comments, and 72 friends

    “If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.”
    —Ludwig Wittgenstein

    My name is Wednesday, and I guess you could say that for the most part that quote personifies me. If there were no silliness in this world I would die.

    However, I guess it’s not all shits and giggles on my side of the pond. Because as much as I’d like, life is not just silliness.

    Cheer Captain of the High Seas in the League of Awesomeness.
    ‘Cheer’ suggested by ElshaHawk
    Named ‘Jae’ by the marvelousness that is Mr.Gabriel

    Rest is not idleness,
    and to lie sometimes on the grass
    under trees on a summer’s day,
    listening to the murmur of the water,
    or watching the clouds float across the sky
    is by no means a waste of time.
    —John Lubbuck

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    smdasilva {LoA}

    Joined April 2010.

    24 stories, 2 challenges, 313 comments, and 73 friends

    I am just a girl who always wanted to be a writer.

    Follow me on Twitter @smdasilva5!