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  1. A good kind of hurt (Mature)

  2. Greater Heights

    The elevator is the size of a small room, and is carpeted in the finest vermilion. True to the elevator’s elegant ancestry, it is the epitome of luxury. Gold leaf paneling depicting the archaic, extinct cycle of seasons trims all the corners, and...

  3. Curveball

    In doing so her eyes connected with his through the rearview mirror. A conversation ensued, a nuance of blinks and meaningful stares. Their eyes flashed. A salvo of angry horn honking shattered the moment; they were holding up traffic. The beemer seeme...

  4. I’m tryna not to bathe my ape in your Milky Way

    “Well, she was an alien.” “There’s nothing wrong with interracial relationships.” “Think species not race.” “Then you’d be insane to pass up such an opportunity!” “Hollywood says otherwi...

  5. Living a Lie

    “Sorry about the hand,” said a dwarf. Harran looked at the Princess. “Who’s that?” The Princess seemed embarrassed. The little man stuck out a hand. “I’m Cosmo.” “I’d shake but…” H...

  6. just another day of the same old

    I wake up at three o’clock and the azn maid who speakee no engleesh fucks up my breakfast as usual by forgetting to get pulp-free orange juice. The pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausages, and a big platter of diced fruit are yummy tho. I feel filthy ...

  7. an unlikely hero

    Meral Ravenous looked bored. “That again? Shit, I gotta update my playlist.” “Don’t look at me,” Haj say, faintly embarrassed. “I have a date on WoW in thirty minutes. My avatar’s got to look her best.” &...

  8. one stubborn son of a bitch

    The salesman was still there, nursing a swollen nose that was almost as comical as the one perched on Simon’s nose. No real anger remained inside Simon. Only sheer exhaustion. “Didn’t I just tell you to sod off?” he said, turnin...

  9. gaucherie depannage

    the time wrought hands! that eternal clock’s tick tock sketches of doom! o fin de siecle… is that a dance step? I’m confused the hour takes its toll as does the booze leading lady! tangle your fingers and feet with mine mambo tango ru...

  10. 1 John in Ten Words

    Love God for He loves you. Love everybody. Don’t sin. This portion inserted to meet the minimum character requirements.

  11. Extreme Makeover

    “I told you it’d look cool,” she said, stroking his muscular breast. He spread his hands in consternation. “I can’t help but feel like a glorified night light.” “Oh, pshaw! You’ll get over it.” R...

  12. Slips in the Night

    His daughter was of a different bent. With the sangfroid of a cat burglar she deciphered locks with a bobby pin and left mysterious notes in longhand. These notes, found inside the sock drawer or a microwave, or perhaps in between the pages of some lon...

  13. Tom is Smitten

    My God! She’s coming out of the door, he can practically smell that coconut dream scent coming off her in waves. He moans softly when he sees she’s changed. What she’s changed into. T-shirt, very short cut-off jean shorts, and sand...

  14. Metempsychosis

    Even gods reincarnate. Filling a life like the ocean fills a bottle adrift at sea, the god comes to one day in which he heaves a heavy sigh, smiling faintly at the irony that comes in a flash of illumination, as he feels the god’s spine crack und...

  15. lycan lessons

    the child wailing in the cart pissed off the wolfhound long in the wild it ambled over and pressed her teeth against the nape of its neck and in its den re-educated it on the lessons of living

  16. facts true.

    too bad the only dancer i knew was one who danced with Death and the queen i knew was bald and wore wigs the sailor i loved had no tongue and morals? morality is open source

  17. coelacanth, what? (Mature)

  18. don't forget to make me jelly

    only if it’s in writing. only if the mamba’s a series of verbs and nouns or a tango of adjectives desolate saturdays perched upon a seat of some kind beasts afraid of the world pouring self and bullshit through fingertip pressings of plasti...

  19. Laughter and Darkness

    It was the kind of the job you could walk away from, apparently. I found it necessary to move from place to place, only to appease my paranoia. Eventually, I felt it was safe to settle down. The American Dream risen from the smell of gunsmoke of one fa...

  20. The Lead Lined Room

    Jesus looked the Bishop square in the eyes. He had the patience of infinity and it showed when the Bishop flinched after five minutes of intense staring. The Bishop dabbed at his sweat pearled forehead with a silk kerchief and wrung it until it dripped...

  21. Inverse Crimes

    He picks the lock clumsily. His heart is hammering against his ribcage so loud he’s surprised it doesn’t wake up anyone. Three 0’clock is the best hour for inverse crimes… nobody expects anyone breaking in to leave something beh...

  22. The Empty Building

    The shabby, crumbling edifice is towered above by glistening skyscrapers. A harsh breeze causes its foundations to sway with a creaking like a man’s old bones. Inside there is silence. The rats have died or gone away. There is nothing to gnaw at ...

  23. dear dim bulb mr fish

    then talk to me! i’m in the same room i’m not deaf and dumb alive your tongue with vim it’s no wonder your tongue is numb. writing with your tongue! your head was never clear i have a dim bulb fetish

  24. Zombie Neighbor (Mature)

  25. Zombie Family

    Those were strange days inside the house, a drama that was but one of countless in deathtraps across the country. The trio lived in the bleak reality of their own mindless decay. She ambled about the house in a facsimile of her old life, only pausing t...

  26. I Pour Power Into My Feet

    When I pour power into my feet I feel like a fleet god. My toes thrum with ecstasy of humming energy. Power! I imagine they glow violet inside my shoes, my toenails letting off a hissing steam of turgid green. My soles creak and crackle the creak and c...

  27. The Movie That Probably Will Never Be Made (Mature)

  28. The Cheshire Cat (Part III)

    The woman laughed and stuck out a slender hand. I found it to be surprisingly firm. “I’m Carmen, an international and temporal thief.” Her smile was dazzling. “With this baby here I guess I’ll have to add multi-dimensional...

  29. The Will of the Creator

    “How many times?” I asked. When there was no answer I screamed, “How many times?!” I stared miserably at the scene ahead of us. It was of me and Sid. For the hundredth time now. Each time I always chose to stay. He shrugged. ...

  30. The Bodhi Son

    He was found against the Bodhi Tree’s trunk, nestled between roots that radiated outwards like the arms of an organic throne. A beard of many months’ growth curled in his lap. His eyes, piercing blue, were open. The first person to place a ...

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