Prequel War

This challenge has ended!

On rare occasions, stories are told backwards.

In this challenge, the first story is the last.
To set the scene, I have provided the first story below.

All participants must enter their stories by clicking the “Participate” button, with the understanding that they are obligated to continue the story backwards from the last entry.

Setting is pseudo-medieval fiction.
There is no magic.
Technology is limited – no steampunk. Think Roman Era.
Every story must contain the main character.

There is no limit to your entries, but you may not enter two stories in a row.

Otherwise, feel free to create side characters, locations and plot.
Ultimately, we want to find out how the main character ended up in the last story. Each prequel should build on what is already written, to the best of your ability.

A winner will be chosen based upon integration, ingenuity, and style, but the real purpose is to experience the adventure as it happens…

…esrever ni…

  • Started July 6th, 2012.
  • Ended September 1st, 2012.
  • Created by Jae

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Challenge has ended

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  1. Avatar Jae

    Congratulations to Faircloth Kirk for his entry “The Spiderweb Tattoo”

  2. Avatar Jae

    Hey everyone! I know things have slowed a bit, but I’m ready to keep this story going. I’ve extended the deadline to September 1st to allow this story to progress. More coming soon!

  3. Avatar Jae

    No harm done. You still wrote an interesting story!

  4. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    I didn’t think it said anything about making another line of prequels. I apologize.

  5. Avatar Jae

    The purpose is to create a single continuous story. Check the rules again, I’ve presented the structure there.

  6. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Could we start another story line too?

  7. Avatar Jae

    Don’t wait! Write as much as you like, as long as you don’t write two in a row, so others have a chance to pitch in. There’s only a week left.

    Ulfr wrote a story as entry #10, but it was not listed, so I didn’t see it. I’ve reviewed it and found it valid as entry #11. Once he posts it, we can continue.

  8. Avatar Patroclus81

    I hope this isn’t over, I want to see more of Traian! It seems too soon to do another entry myself, but I’m so eager to see how Traian’s story begins that its tempting….

  9. Avatar Jae

    Let it be duly noted that RicoLaser’s story ‘Inquisitor’ is the 10th installment to the challenge.

    Read it here:

  10. Avatar Jae

    Let is be duly noted that Lastande Sarie’s addition to the challenge, “The Coming Storm” represents the 7th addition to the storyline.

    It can be read here:

  11. Avatar Jae

    Just a step toward the right mindset, Robert.

  12. Avatar Lastande Sarie

    I tried to follow your instructions, Robert, but I must have missed something. Ficly reloaded the page all right, but it reloaded just as blank as ever and my prequel still isn’t entered in the challenge. headdesk

  13. Avatar Robert Quick

    I just got that ending phrase Jae. . I thought it was Latin. Now I see it as a message to those that are going to enter. Does that count as subliminal?

  14. Avatar Jae

    Excellent. Everyone feel free to use this technique as far as you feel comfortable. We’ll keep numbering the entries, though.

  15. Avatar Robert Quick

    1) find out the ficly # of the story you are sequeling/prequeling. For example my story is 31317. This will be used momentarily.
    2) “Participate” in the challenge.
    3) THIS IS IMPORTANT- on the blank screen before any writing goes on to your contribution add the following, to the address bar: &prequel=31317
    AND THEN PRESS ENTER. (Notice that is the number I found earlier.) Ficly will reload the page and now it will be both a prequel and a challenge entry. (You can add sequels to challenges by changing the word ‘prequel’ to ‘sequel’).

  16. Avatar Jae

    That’s an excellent idea, Abby.

    Robert, how do you do it? I was not able to find a way to make a story both, though I noticed once a story is prequeled/sequeled we lose the ability to delete it.

    Also, I’m planning on participating in the challenge with additional stories.

  17. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Very cool idea! Seems ridiculously hard…… I might join

  18. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Guys, edit your titles so that they’re numbered.

  19. Avatar Robert Quick

    It actually can be done (see my entry) but it isn’t easy. It’s actually counter-intuitive to me AND I can’t delete my previous story because it links two other stories.

  20. Avatar Jae

    Sorry for the confusion everyone. Here is the order of stories thus far, along with important elements. I will send out notes to those whose stories need direct entry into the challenge. Please wait for these to show up before continuing from Faircloth Kirk’s “A Fearsome Dichotomy.”

    Dawn of the Iconoclast – Jae
    TRAIAN – male, main character
    MAGNUROC – religious order

    The Spiderweb Tattoo – Faircloth Kirk
    HRITHMORE – people group
    SPIDERWEB TATTOO – an incremental tattoo, complete

    A Lack of Regrets – Cary
    JAIR – male, friend killed by Traian

    Forsaken – Robert Quick
    BETHSEBA – female, comrade who deserts Traian

    A Fearsome Dichotomy – Faircloth Kirk
    DIRGE – male, fellow member of Magnuroc

  21. Avatar Faircloth Kirk

    Also, do I need to republish “Spiderweb” to make it part of the contest?

  22. Avatar Faircloth Kirk

    I wrote a prequel to Robert Quick’s prequel called “Dawn of the Iconoclast: A Fearsome Dichotomy.” Is that storyline no longer the official one?

  23. Avatar Cary

    Okay, submitted my (first) entry as a prequel to “Spiderweb”.

  24. Avatar Cary

    Heya. I discovered that “Spiderweb” too has a prequel (“Dawn of the Iconoclast: Forsaken” by Robert Quick), is it considered part of the contest as well or should we work from “Spiderweb”?

  25. Avatar Jae

    I realize now that it is not possible to enter your story and make it a prequel.
    For the sake of following the plot, go ahead and enter your story into the challenge with the understanding that the story is a prequel to the one before it.

    Please make sure to read Faircloth Kirk’s story “The Spidetweb Tattoo” as next in line.

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