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Now, I know there have been quite a few challenges lately where you were given a song and had to write with that. Personally? I think the idea is bloody brilliant. I always write to music of some sort! But see, this challenge has one stark difference. I’m giving you three, count it, three songs to pick from! All are by the same artist, Lindsey Stirling, but I think they all have different moods. So, I want you to interpret one of the following songs:

1. Shadows

2. Crystallize

3. Spontaneous me

c: I personally love Lindsey, and I’ve written all kinds of stuff to her music. So… I want to see what you guys can do!

  • Started August 26th, 2012.
  • Ended September 7th, 2012.
  • Created by Riley

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Challenge has ended


  1. Avatar HSAR

    I love listening to her music, but any audio at all puts me off writing so I mostly do it when I brainstorming for ideas or doing the edit/redraft process.

  2. Avatar m0ri

    Mine isn’t grand, and I could probably include better aspects of a freerunner life. Crystallize really does remind me of parkour, for some reason.

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