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There are few things better in my opinion in fiction than a surprise ending. Not one that comes completely out of left field, but one that gives a new perspective to all that preceded it. It is especially difficult to pull off this task in the confine of the character limit allowed here, but this is supposed to be a challenge isn’t it? So the challenge is to create a short story with a surprise ending. The winner will not be simply the one with the biggest twist, but the one that works best as a whole. Good luck!

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The winner of this challenge is:

True Love

Author: Emilou


  1. Permeated

    Author: Face

  2. True Love

    Author: Emilou

  3. Free to Go

    Author: Riley


  1. Avatar Riley

    Aye! Can I enter twice? I like my original idea, but OHHHH I have a better one. c:

  2. Avatar helig

    Ooooh this challenge is terribly exciting! But I’m still waiting for inspiration to hit XD

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