Greek Monologues

This challenge has ended!

Compose a monologue from the perspective of a college student involved in Greek life. You can choose one of many different voices.

Stereotypical frat guy who talks in short broken sentences with words like “bro.”
Stereotypical sorority girl who is like so like excited about everything.
Drunk person who…wait, it’s not even…what? I love you bro. Don’t…don’t…ever…

Business frat who selects words with more tact and loves enunciating consonants.
Pot heads………
Multi-cultural frat who speaks more than one language.
The more level-headed sorority and fraternity members.
Or any number of possibilities.

Get creative with it. The only restriction is that it must be a monologue —one character, only dialog.

Winning monologue will be read by an actor and filmed, put on youtube with your writing credit.
Y’all rock.

Think you have what it takes to accept this challenge?


Challenge has ended


  1. Avatar BiC


  2. Avatar Kihd

    Russell Crowe.
    My name is Russell Crowe.

  3. Avatar Gradual Uprising {LOA}

    Haha, if only.

  4. Avatar BiC

    If you can guarantee Russell Crowe, I’m in.

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