Winter 2014 Ficlympics: Purple Prose (Literary Devices Event)

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“In literary criticism, purple prose is written prose that is so extravagant, ornate, or flowery as to break the flow and draw excessive attention to itself. Purple prose is sensually evocative beyond the requirements of its context. It may also employ certain rhetorical effects such as exaggerated sentiment or pathos in an attempt to manipulate a reader’s response.”

Write a story on the subject of your choice, making liberal use of purple prose.

This challenge is one of three in the Literary Devices event for the Winter 2014 Ficlympics. If you enter this challenge, consider entering the other two (Alliteration and Malapropisms) as well.

  • Started January 19th, 2014.
  • Ended January 26th, 2014.
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Challenge has ended


  1. Avatar August 2nd

    That example isn’t original with me, Robert. Lifted from the interwebs, I’m afraid without attribution no less. I got it from here:

  2. Avatar Robert Quick

    That is a good example.

  3. Avatar August 2nd


    Not at all purple: “He sipped at his coffee as he read the morning’s news.”

    Descriptive: “He rose a cup to his lips and took a sip, reflexively cringing at the coffee’s bitterness. He kept the cringe on his face as he read through the morning’s news.”

    Neon purple: “He wrapped a long, thin finger around the sturdy handle of the shiny black receptacle. Slowly, he hoisted the ceramic vessel to his pale pink lips. The steaming liquid rolled acridly around his sensitive tongue, evoking an involuntary reaction to the South American beverage’s bitter taste. The liquid was a stark black, reflecting the pale glow from the screen of his rectangular computer monitor. His concerned green eyes darted from one serifed letter to another, drinking in each words meaning as purposefully as he drank in his coffee.”

  4. Avatar The Fantastic Mister Fish

    are there any examples available?

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