Dr. Dinosaur and the Terminated E-Mail Address

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“What, flooping no way!” Dr. Dinosaur shouted at his yet another intern as his lungs are starting to ooze blood from him screaming so loud.

“Carl, what the flugs happened here!? Well, answer me!”

“Dude, it like seems you, like, violated the Terms and Services crap it told you to follow.”

Dr. Dinosaur, a little more calmed down, spoke: “This is like The Holocaust times -5”

“So, it’s a good thing?”

“Carl, Carl, Carl. Didn’t you learn math. Two negatives equals a positive. And this is POSITIVELY BUTTZ!”

Carl then leaves the room thinking how big of a jackass his boss is acting like.

Sitting back down at his computer chair, Dr. Dinosaur stares at his monitor for a while thinking what could have been done to save his e-mail. To let off some steam, he decides to “polish it” for a while. Carl, without knocking, barges into the door and tells him amazing news.

“Eh, dude what are you doing?”

“Polishing my fingernails, what are you doing?”

  • Started March 14th, 2015.
  • Ended December 31st, 2015.
  • Created by Dr. Dinosaur

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