The Umbrella

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It was raining all week on Long Island and one day I noticed something on the hood of my car. It was a black umbrella with yellow smiley faces all over it. I thought it might have been my little brother’s so I put it on the porch. When my parents and little brother came home, my mother asked, “What’s with the umbrella?” Stumped, I simply replied, “I don’t know, it was on the hood of my car.”

The smiley face umbrella is a mystery. We don’t know who it belongs to or how it got on the car.

The challenge is to write a story that has to do with that umbrella. It can answer all of those questions, or none of them.

  • Started August 31st, 2009.
  • Ended December 31st, 2009.
  • Created by Raegan Dauterive

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Challenge has ended


  1. Avatar QuackDamnYou

    You know I really wanted to find a way to make a complete story, which would explain the meaning of the umbrella, stand alone without knowing that the umbrella was significant. I think I missed, but it’s fun seeing what everyone has come up with!

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