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Thanks to Evers Blue, I thought of another music challenge for everyone. There are so many different genres of music out there, but if you tune in to your town’s local radio station, you might just hear a crap load of replays of the mainstream music.

Somehow, I want you to really sell your favorite little known band/singer. Maybe you could incorporate it into a piece of fiction, since this IS Ficly, or just state it, plain and simple. Either way, this will hopefully increase everybody’s musical horizon.

Even if you don’t participate, try and be musically optimistic. Don’t just listen to 30 seconds one of the band’s low-rated songs, because it has a low rating for a reason.

-Multiple entries are definetly welcome.
-Don’t use somebody that is played frequently on your average radio station!
-Have some fun and be convincing!

Good luck!

  • Started October 27th, 2010.
  • Ended November 7th, 2010.
  • Created by Kihd

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  1. Friend or Foe

    Author: Horrorfan13


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