The Many Lives of Jenny Everywhere

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Who is Jenny Everywhere? She is the world’s first open-source character, and you can find out anything you could possibly want to know about her at But in brief: She exists in every dimension of the multiverse and can access the memories and knowledge of all her selves. She also has the power to shift into other dimensions, and thus she is sometimes called the Shifter. She appears East Asian or Native American, has short dark hair, and wears goggles and a scarf. She’s an inveterate adventurer with a powerful sense of wonder and a ready smile. She has an archenemy or evil twin of some sort named Jenny Nowhere. And her favorite food is toast. Those are the traits that are more or less fixed; the rest is up to you.

There are many stories that can be told with Jenny Everywhere—pulp adventure, horror, humor, romance, all or none of the above. Your job is to find one of those stories.

  • Started October 28th, 2010.
  • Ended November 11th, 2010.
  • Created by Garsecg

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Challenge has ended


  1. Avatar Garsecg

    It’s going to be tough deciding a winner out of the two entries we have so far. :)

  2. Avatar Garsecg

    If you take up this challenge, you might want to read some of the stories on the Shifter Archive. “My Bloody Valentine” and “The Death of Jenny Everywhere” are particularly good stories that do some interesting things with the central concept of Jenny. The stories drawn by Nelson Evergreen are also worth a read; the writing is sometimes mediocre but Jenny Everywhere is drawn with a real sense of character.

    Also: "The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed. "

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