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  • Magically Yours

    Do not worry, my ficly friends! This is not a Bewitched challenge. But it is a bewitched challenge! Let's see: Magic has to be a key factor in your story. You must use at least two of these words: "chariot", "charm", "mesmerism", "ramose", "devil", or "bole". I don't care if it'...

  • The End

    The end. How will it come? A mass of natural disasters? Nuclear weapons? Radioactive monkey-pig cross take over? I can't wait to hear your stories. :) <3, RPS

  • Bee Fonettick

    Okay, wyle waching mie litel sister rite tooday, I reelized how verry fonettick sum peeple are. Yur mishin iz too rite ay short storee abote yurself mayking evreethng fonetticklee korekt. Liyk for "CAT" yoo wood rite "KAT". Simplee sed, mayk evry werd loock thuh way it sownz. IF YO...

    • Author: Kihd
    • Posted about 9 years ago.
  • Remixing... Pygmalion

    In this challenge, you are to use in a single story at least 5 of the following 10 lines, which I have selected more or less at random and on whim, from George Bernard Shaw’s _Pygmalion_. 1. There wasn't one at Trafalgar Square. 2. Live where you like; but stop that noise. 3. By ...

  • Twitter Challenge V: #YOLO

    The time has come again for another Twitter challenge! Write me a story using one hundred forty characters or less. (884 is the key number.)

    • Author: Abstract
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
  • When the Lights Go Out

    It's almost summer (and will be by the time this challenge is over). That means big summer storms around here, which means the power goes out. When I was a kid, this scared the _crap_ out of me. There was always a huge _crack_ of thunder and then complete darkness; then we all made...

  • All Fellow Saps Are Called!

    Well.. Doesn't the title speak for itself? I need to read me some... oh, what's the word? Non-cliche` love story to read. So I challenge you, Ficly. Impress me. Make me go, "Ooh! I wasn't expecting that!" or "Whooooooa." Don't hope for the normal comment of "Nice.." or "Not bad". ...

  • 12 word Novel

    NPR held a contest on who could write the best 12 word novel and my creative writing teacher introduced it to my classs. So, all you have to do for this challenge is write a 12 word novel. It's just that simple. *personally I love 12 word novels because they can inspire you in ...

  • Raw Emotion

    We live in a world full of starch, confined people, constrained by the walls of social decorum, afraid to let anything show on their face lest it portrays weakness to their fellow human beings. But sometimes, just sometimes, the raw, gritty human being within them bursts forth, and...

  • The First Time, The Last Time

    There is a first time for everything. There is a last time for everything. Your challenge; write about both a first time, and a last time. Be creative. Be daring. Think out of the box!

  • Here's Some Inspiration: Halloween Challenge

    Since my _Here's Some Inspiration_ challenge was a hit, I came up with another idea for my fellow challengers! The rules are basically the same: 1) Write a Ficly based on a flickr piece. 2) Here's how to choose your photo: - type one of the following words into the browser o...

  • Beginnings

    In honor of this new beginning, and to test out the challenge feature, I propose that we focus on beginnings. All things have a beginning, a *genesis* if you like terms. Every story has a beginning too. I hope that you can write a beginning that will inspire you to *keep going*, bu...

  • Twitter Me This

    Here's the challenge: Use one or more of the Tweets from this particular user in one or more Ficlets. No need to include the quote tags: (i.e. The Stranger, 13, Freckles, Zukii) *NO RULES* Entries will be judged on Comedy, Creativity, and Orig...

  • Classroom Etiquette

    Mr. Dobbins' Eight-Grade Math Class has 12 students, and respectively 12 stories. Desk Numbers are as follows: *.1. .2. .3. .4.* *.5. .6. .7.* *.8.* *.9. .10.* *.11.* *.12.* (The first desks being in the front of the class.) *Desk #1: Kristin Stuart* *Desk #2:...

  • Blast from the Past!

    Does history fascinate you? Interested in a particular period in time? Do you love reading historical novels? Then this challenge is for you!!! My challenge to you... Write a short story that is set in the past! Any time (in the past), anywhere... There is no limit!... B...

  • Coal Powered Dreams

    So, you received a lump of coal? Now what... It's a write Christmas. Tell Ficly what you would do with your lump of coal. Try to be thankful for it. If you can't manage, because you think your idea of "goodness" works for everyone, get mad. Happy Holidays.

    • Author: 32 ^2
    • Posted almost 8 years ago.
  • Becoming Something More

    Superheroes are one of the innumerable amounts of vertebrae in the backbone of American culture. However, what's more interesting than a superhero is how they became one in the first place. In 1,024 characters, make up an origin story for your own superhero, and the first crime he...

  • It Looked Like..

    It's that simple folks, begin a ficly with those little words. Any genre, any style, and any length ;) It looked like.. See my story 'It Hatched" for an example. This is also the starter required for the _Write to Win!_ contest by _Writer's J...

  • New York, New York!

    Write about anything to do with this fabulous city. I don't care what. Jazz it up, make it lively and hot. Cool it down and kiss the night air and gleaming lights. Go for this one head-on!

  • A Writer's Style - Break The Fourth Wall!

    The results for the first 'writer's style' challenge will go up tomorrow as I'm too tired to judge now, but I _do_ have time to set up your next mission! In your entry to this challenge, I ask you to utilise the technique of *'breaking the fourth wall'*, or *'direct address'*. ...

  • Gives Me Chills

    We all have that moment. You hear something, see something, even taste something, and sends shivers up your spine. Here's the challenge. Write about something that makes the hair on the back of your neck stick up as straight as a soldier, either in a good or bad way. Ficliteers, I b...

    • Author: Kihd
    • Posted about 9 years ago.
  • A Strongly Worded Letter Your challenge is to write such a letter, either original or inspired by one of the examples in the page above. No swearing, just lots of long words that may or may not get the point across. List style is fine.

    • Author: Mazurka
    • Posted almost 8 years ago.
  • Crawlspace (Mature)


  • My Challenge Is Better Than Yours

    This Challenge can be hard or it can be easy. At this point I'm not really sure. The Idea for this one came to me from a game we played in Drama class. Your challenge is to use these two sentences in a Ficly (Ficlet? Ficlyette??): "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."...

  • The Umbrella

    It was raining all week on Long Island and one day I noticed something on the hood of my car. It was a black umbrella with yellow smiley faces all over it. I thought it might have been my little brother's so I put it on the porch. When my parents and little brother came home, my mothe...

  • Down In the Dungeon - Inside a Room

    When TSR were The Wizards of The North and _Dungeons and Dragons_ ruled the spiral backed notebooks and index cards of incubating writer geeks, there was such a thing as the "down the stairs, through the hallway dash, slash and treasure grab." It was a time of wandering monsters, ...

  • Squid blogging

    Bruce Schneier on his blog likes squid. And so when he came across this headline, and said, "You can't make up a headline like that" it sounded to me like a challenge... The headline is, "Truck Carrying Squid Crashes In Broccoli Field". The URL is

    • Author: Scroungre
    • Posted about 9 years ago.
  • The Same Old Story

    Everyone, at one point or another, tells stories. Some people (hopefully not you!) have a really limited amount to tell, and they keep telling these stories over and over (and over) again. You probably know someone like this, and you could probably even mockingly quote it back at them...

    • Author: Mazurka
    • Posted almost 8 years ago.
  • This Is It

    It's all over. The end is near, or it appears to be inevitable. You ask yourself the all-important question: Was I a good person? For this challenge I would like entrants to write me something on these lines; a character looking back at the sum total of their accomplishments and a...

    • Author: HSAR
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
  • Alphabet Soup

    You know those alphabet soup cans? Well, the aim of the challenge is to have a story that uses each of the letters below 10 times. *Z* *X* *Y* *V* *Q* But the story still has to be coherent, meaning you can't go qqqqqqqqqqzzzzzzzzzzxxxxxxxxxxkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyy, and expect to ...

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