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  • Elements

    Water Wind Fire Earth Be inspired by one, some or all. Good luck!

  • Let's Play: Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Easy. You have all three, do something with them. Kill a witch, save an entire race. Whatever.

    • Author: 32 ^2
    • Posted over 5 years ago.
  • Describe Your Favorite Character!

    Try to describe the characteristics of your favorite fictional character in FIVE SENTENCES.

  • Ignorance is bliss...

    We've often been told that love is blind (please forgive the accumulation of idioms!) Your challenge is to write a story about a person in love, who cannot see one significant feature/flaw/aspect of their loved one that is glaringly obvious to everyone else. Prequels, sequels an...

  • Remixing... Lucky You

    In this challenge, you are to use in a single story at least 4 of the following 10 lines, which I have selected more or less at random and on whim, from Carl Hiaasen's _Lucky You_. 1. It's the damnedest thing I ever saw--check out the moat! 2. There he purchased twelve gallons of ...

  • I Must Fly

    At the Museum of Hoaxes web site, there is the story of an April Fool's Day joke wherein someone made fake footprints and at the end of them wrote "I must fly". Your prompt here is "I must fly". You have two weeks.

    • Author: Abstract
    • Posted over 5 years ago.
  • Happy little challenge

    I've read through a lot of stories on Ficly, and most of them seem to have an underlying "dark" theme. Wouldn't it be nice to write something happier for a change? For this challenge - 1) Come up with an idea that feels happy. 2) Write a story which is exactly three sentences lon...

    • Author: Abhay
    • Posted over 5 years ago.
  • Here's Some Inspiration: Commercials

    Commercials nowadays are quite creative, bright and sometimes a little strange. If you watch TV at all, I'm sure you've seen at least one crazy, ridiculous commercial. For this challenge, you may choose any commercial. Preferably a newer commercial--one released within the past yea...

  • This Is It

    It's all over. The end is near, or it appears to be inevitable. You ask yourself the all-important question: Was I a good person? For this challenge I would like entrants to write me something on these lines; a character looking back at the sum total of their accomplishments and a...

    • Author: HSAR
    • Posted over 5 years ago.
  • Crawlspace (Mature)


  • Becoming Something More

    Superheroes are one of the innumerable amounts of vertebrae in the backbone of American culture. However, what's more interesting than a superhero is how they became one in the first place. In 1,024 characters, make up an origin story for your own superhero, and the first crime he...

  • Here's Some Inspiration: Halloween Challenge

    Since my _Here's Some Inspiration_ challenge was a hit, I came up with another idea for my fellow challengers! The rules are basically the same: 1) Write a Ficly based on a flickr piece. 2) Here's how to choose your photo: - type one of the following words into the browser o...

  • Twitter Challenge V: #YOLO

    The time has come again for another Twitter challenge! Write me a story using one hundred forty characters or less. (884 is the key number.)

    • Author: Abstract
    • Posted over 5 years ago.
  • Wordiness is bliss.

    As writers, either professionally or recreationally, we must have a firm and unique grasp of language, as well as a wide vocabulary. For this reason, I propose the following: Go to and choose any word you want from the list. Us...

  • To the Depths!

    One of my favorite horror stories is H.P. Lovecraft's short story, "The Temple" My challenge to you is to write a Ficly that takes place in a submarine (or other underwater habitat). Style and genre are up to you. As always ...

  • Half Lives

    My favorite movie of all time is _Cloud Atlas_ and it entertains the idea of reincarnation. Entries are limitless, but here are your requirements: 1) Must include a character (the character can be based off of anyone--you're aunt, hairdresser, favorite fictional character, least fa...

  • One's Trash, Another's Treasure: Context and Perspective

    One character values something that another or that others feel is worthless, or vice versa. What is the context in which the one character either values or derides the object or idea? It's more than a disagreement; it becomes a conflict. Tell us the story and help us to understand t...

  • Here's Some Inspiration!

    We've all been victims to the dreaded wall of writer's block. This challenge celebrates glorifying/sucking out some art juice from another's piece of work. Specifically, for this challenge let's use visual art! Rule 1) Don't refresh the page for new images. Choose one from the firs...

  • Familiar faces--Hallowe'en challenge time!

    You are confronted with a face you thought you'd never seen again, and with fears that the face hides a totally different being from the one you knew before. Who does it look like? How do you know this face? Is it even a human you knew before, or something else? Who is it really? Wha...

  • Burlap Sax

    Write a story about someone who inherits something that is contained in a burlap sack. A saxophone and/or the sound of one should appear somewhere in the story. What is the story behind the inheritance? What does the person plan to do? What's inside the bag? C'mon and let the ca...

  • Acceptance

    1. Denial/Isolation 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance Start the process and get stuck along the way.

  • Modern day fairy tale/nursery rhyme time!

    I had just written a Ficly on a modern day possibility of Jack & Jill and I gotta say, it was a lot of fun. I turned Jack into an alcoholic who goes to a bar to try to get his wife back who divorced him for abuse reasons and as they fight he falls down a hill and dies. It really in...

  • Second L.I.T. Challenge

    The second L.I.T. challenge (Location-Item-Theme). Please write a story that includes the following- Location: a dead forest. Item: a flyer (like an advertisement or message). Theme: Everything has a cost.

  • I am that I am, or am I?

    Challenge 10: Identity. People change. Sometimes the change seems like they are “acting” or “being fake”. Is it okay to (re)construct one’s identity? Write a story about it from someone doing it or viewing it.

  • Welcome to the rest of your life

    Challenge 11: Destiny. The computer whirs, its lights blink in patterns. Finally it spits out a card. On that card is the job that will define the main character’s life. Was it random? Or based on skills and preferences? At what age does it take place? Is your character comforted or a...

  • Genre Superstar!

    Challenge 3: Genre Superstar! Pick a genre and write the best (horror, pulp, noir, etc) story that you can. As usual multiple ficlies and sequels and prequels are welcome. Please include a tag that describes the kind of story you chose.

  • The Other Half

    Challenge 14: The Other Half. When your character goes to sleep, something else wakes up in his/her skin. What is it? What does it want? Does it leave messages? Does it even know about the character’s life? Or does it just leave the character to wake tired and exhausted each day?


    Challenge 17: A murderous robot in the middle of a killing spree stops and spares someone. Why? As usual prequels and sequels are welcome as are multiple entries.

  • There's gotta be a clue somewhere!

    A while back, whilst I was unable to create challenges, Princess Binky Lemontwist asked me to think of some. Now 32^2 wants them and I have the ability to deliver them myself. Here is the first of three for August. Challenge 19: Neighborhood Detective(s). Someone that is not a cop,...

  • Informational Video Challenge #2

    *Setting*: Past/Present/Future, any genre. *Scenario*: You've been asked to create a new Kite patch to protect the wearer. From what? All things are possible. *Tutorial*: _(Watch the video in full screen mode. If it helps, while watching the ...

    • Author: 32 ^2
    • Posted over 5 years ago.
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