The Neurophages XV

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Alba’s monkey-wrench sword blazed, Marie-Louise’s tool belt clinked as she searched for a suitable weapon and Mile’s knuckles cracked. They were prepared for battle. The hatch swung silently outward. Three pairs of eyes adjusted to the darkness beyond the door and what they saw temporarily stunned them.
The hangar was completely deserted. No clicking automatons, no Charles Babbage the thirteenth, no welcoming committee of any kind.
They cautiously stepped out of the escape pod, twisting their necks, waiting for the surprise attack form the rear.
Still nothing.
They edged forward.
Then they saw it. A hulking monstrosity was crushing it’s way towards them. It was studded with glinting spikes and whizzing blades. Steam puffed from various orifices and it’s eyes glowed menacingly.
Alba stepped forward brandishing her sword.
“This one’s mine!” she shouted and sprinted to meet her adversary, leaving Lou and Miles slightly bewildered.

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  1. Avatar Ridcully Calvert

    I love it! The enormous battle-mech definitely takes this to a whole new level of awesome

Inspired by

Alba told them her story: “After being rocked by the pain that my people felt, I was trance-linked to the quorum, which is the manifest...

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