A Monster

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A tall, masculine looking woman approached the podium before the amassed biologists and geneticists. There were murmurs in the crowd they had expected Hans Kölch, not this woman… who could be his twin sister.

She spoke, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am Hans Kölch.” That statement drew surprised comments.

“What you see is the result of years of research. I am genetically a woman now, the process of transformation taking 5 years to complete.” That drew gasps and amazed discussion amongst the audience.

“This was accomplished through genegineered retro viruses that remove the Y chromosome and replace it with a copy of the existing X chromosome. These same viruses are also 90% infectious to all males. You all have been exposed to these viruses.”

Utter silence greeted that statement.

“I’ve spread these viruses across the world in the past five years,” she said. “There is no stopping this. I did this to end war, violence, overpopulation and misogyny. Call me a monster, but it had to be done for the good of all.”

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  1. Avatar Krulltar

    Wonderful tale of a mad scientist who believes what he/she/it is doing is best for all of mankind, even though it’s a short sighted view.